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Non-Meta Tanking/Alternatives

For those of us who love tanking but don't run with a dedicated trials group on a regular basis and don't run the "meta".
Have you tried tanking DLC dungeons or Trials with alternative methods of damage mitigation?

Nightblade skills Bolster Darkness or Mirage? major protection + an additional 30% damage mitigtion?
Pjasic skills line - while skill is slotted you gain minor protection?
Vampire Mist Form -75% damage for 3 seconds?
Footman Fortune armor set 8% additional blocking

Especially the the Evasion - 25% AOR damage mitigation -- lots boss fights with mass AOE damage. Have you tried or are you using any of these?
Hist Bark, Leki's Focus, dual wield skill Deadly Cloak? What about Jorvuld's Guidance = add 40% duration to buffs
Pirate Skeleton, Ironblood, Vampire Cloak?

Just curious what others have tried and found to work in specific fights. Maybe a new or unique method of handling a tough fight.

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  • pelle412
    My second tank is a warden, and I made it to speed-farm motifs in DLC dungeons. It uses master architect (forest ult), dragonguard, and blood spawn with resto back bar. Not really suited for trials, but did dungeons really quick with 3 dps. I intend to replace master architect with olorime next but have not gotten to it yet.

    EDIT: the motif market went to hell after anniversary event so haven't played it much lately.
    Edited by pelle412 on November 29, 2018 9:09PM
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