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Bethesda Launcher "Stalls" Downloading November 19, 2018 Update


As long as ZOS/Bethesda "Customer Support" continues to implicitly blame the player's computer systems and/or LAN for the Launcher malfunction, it will continue failing to download the game client updates which must be installed in order for the player to continue playing the game.

The sad fact is that the Launcher failures to download the game client update after November 13, and now again after the maintenance on November 19, have occurred on my computer for the first time after almost four years of playing TESO. The Launcher never had any problems during all of that time, so why does it fail now?? Actually, I run a much better computer system and LAN now, and an upgrade to the ISP's coaxial broadband cabe (!) and more downstream bandwidth, than I had when I began playing the game. All of the recommended measures to maximize performance have been implemented.

Certainly, one thing that has changed is the Internet, especially with regard to the policies and practices of those who act as if they "own" it, and who control its operation. Whether there are problems with Bethesda's network and "megaserver" system per se are another possibility. Regardless, if this problem is not resolved as soon as possible, then a rather large number of players will not want to continue playing The Elder Scrolls Online. How large will the financial losses of ZOS and Bethesda become as a result of this debacle?

APPENDED: if any player has encountered this problem, then they should read Message #393 in the discussion about the November 13 failure, which offers two work-arounds for updating the game installation and game client. (Scroll down a bit until you find the post on page 14 by hobbes2424_ESO.)

ESO Launcher Crashes On Update 9-04-2018

Of course, since there are two work-arounds -- as tedious and time-consuming as they are -- they do not co$t ZOS or Bethesda anything. That is, anything other than the incidental loss of players who become too frustrated to continue playing, whether they are also paying. So ZOS and/or Bethesda will no doubt defer resolution of the Launcher update downloading problem indefinitely -- instead of urgently pursuing restoration of the ability of the Launcher to download and apply all updates for TESO. If they don't like my line of reasoning, then let them prove that I am wrong.

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  • Silver_Thorn
    They probably moved the programmers who know how to keep the launcher working over to one of their new mobile initiatives.
  • ZOS_Bill
    As there is already an ongoing thread regarding the launcher issues, we are going to close this discussion. We are still looking into this issue and solutions as described here. Please use this thread for any further commentary specific to the launcher issues that started on September 4th.
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