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[NA-PC] Missing initial 4.8million/12 days enlightenment on first level 50 character

Soul Shriven

I've been back and forth with support on this for a few days now but they seem to be unable to help and have since suggested I start a bug report thread and use the /bug command, which I will do when I'm on later tonight..

I have finally hit level 50 on my first character (i've owned the game since 2014) after getting two new friends to buy the game and get Morriwind, ESO Plus, etc.

I either did not receive, or have lost the initial 4.8million enlightenment given to new first time level 50 characters.

Here is a screenshot of my character with no enlightenment at CP 50:


If 50 CP is somewhere around 2,000,000 EXP, I would still have over 2.8 million enlightenment left on my account, than would've received an additional 400k that I gained and used that day.

Here is a screenshot of my good friend and his character with his remaining enlightenment shown at CP 51 :
As you can see, he has plenty leftover despite being past my CP level.

The only thing I can't figure out is if I ever had enlightenment at all or if it disappeared at some point. I only realized I didn't have it because I was leveling with my friend who was CP 160 and we were getting the same EXP. There is a good chance I leveled from the initial free 10 CP to where I am now without the 4.8million/12 days worth of enlightenment given to new players.

I've been back and forth with support for awhile now and they keep telling me that they checked my character and I'm receiving the correct enlightenment because I received the daily enlightenment. This is obviously not my issue, though I'm glad they took the steps to check.

I've found this same issue mentioned a few times on the forums but here's a thread : https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/331700/enlightenment-at-level-10

I have grinded out the exp needed to get to CP 70+(where i stopped last night) but I've run out of the crown scrolls I bought with the packs and crown gems and am really low morale/motivation because my friends are near or are already past 160CP and I am stuck way behind unable to gear/pvp with them.

IGN: Drunk Meanie

Here is a similar thread from 2017 with this issue : https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/331700/enlightenment-at-level-10

Within that thread you have confirmation from multiple people about receiving the 4.8million as well as this youtube video demonstrating it:


Please let me know if any more information is necessary.
  • Nestor
    Are you absolutely sure that you have never gotten any previous character to Vet 1 or better in rank?
    Enjoy the game, life is what you really want to be worried about.

    PakKat "Everything was going well, until I died"
    Gary Gravestink "I am glad you died, I needed the help"

  • meanie
    Soul Shriven
    Nestor wrote: »
    Are you absolutely sure that you have never gotten any previous character to Vet 1 or better in rank?

    Definitely, otherwise I would've had stacked enlightenment from before I was 50 on that character I would imagine..

    It's the highest character on my account, no others are above level 30.

    I only even got this far because I got two friends to join me on the game after years of having it and sort of it enjoying it on/off, but not enough to play solo (I cannot enjoy any mmo solo for very long).
    Edited by meanie on January 30, 2018 11:56PM
  • Sparkstarter
    Soul Shriven
    (Sorry for necro; forum rules suggest posting in related threads and this is main one on Google...)

    I got level 50 for the first time two days ago, and I received some enlightenment (as I reached CP30 very, very quickly) but no where near the ~4mil that is expected. Same as above, my account is old (beta) but this is my first 50. I noticed that my Enlightenment vanished right around CP30.

    Is there a way to figure out what happened to the rest, or obtain it again?
    Edited by Sparkstarter on November 18, 2018 11:13AM
  • usmcjdking
    IIRC you only can gain enlightenment after level 50.
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