The Final Reckoning

We are a mainly PvE guild with a focus on dungeons, trials and social aspects of the game.

Vibe: Mature, with side of sassy.

Goals: The guild was created almost 2 years ago with the purpose of having a group of like-minded members in the same guild, so we never had to use the activity finder and could always do group activities without having to ask in zone chat. We are regrowing the guild and want TFR to grow and form a solid Vet dungeon and Trial progression pool of folks, yet remain a friendly place where dailies, trials, shard farming, and even questing doesn't have to be a solo thing. Lone wolves, crafters and PvPers are also encouraged to join :). We love newbies as well, and have found they love it here with lots of crafters to help you get those elusive sets :P

We are especially focused on building a new Progression Pool of players to tackle end game talent. We have a core set of max'ed folks with Trial and Vet experience, but if you are nearing endgame content and want to get in on the ground floor, fine with a weekly commitment to group up with TFR and have a strange urge to build up all those Achievements, we are interested in hearing from you. Please message (see below) with your role, experience level and intent.

Carrots: We have weekly open trial farms, skyshard farms and various other events. We also have a dedicated guild house which will have all crafting stations, all attunables and training dummies. Furnishing is a big forte of the guild, and we are happy to give you a tour of some of the houses we have made :)

We have a fully loaded Discord server; joining this is not a requirement, however it is recommended for members to join. This is where you can get the full benefits of being in the guild. Whether it be needing help with a build, maelstrom arena, crafting, or finding someone to help you with dailies quests. Looking just to chat with someone when you’re stuck at work and would rather be playing the game. Discord will give you access to all of that and more!

Contact: Hope to hear from you soon. You can post below, message me here, or message me at my GT: maingray for an invite.
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