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Social Ban?

Soul Shriven
Looking for some assistance here...

So earlier today I was sending out a mass mailing to my guild mates (with a 2 sec delay between each mail) about tonight's auction (an event to raise gold so we can keep our trader). The mailing contained information the guild mates were requesting but I did use the word Service like 4 times in the mail so I think it was flagged based off that.

Here is a snippet of the mail i sent out earlier today.

. . .

- (Service) 2hrs of fishing by Icydeath12
- (Service) Jewelry Powerleveling by Wyrd_One
- (Service) 2hrs of farming by H0neyKat
- (Service) House Decorator by FleshFurnace

I've sent in a couple tickets and never heard anything back yet. This puts me in a real bind and I can't perform our auction tonight due to the fact I can't access the guild bank or send out mails to winning bidders.

Please help! I would like to get this resolved sometime tonight so I can send out the items to the guild mates.

  • qbit
    Well that’s sucks. Buy a new account for $10 and join your guild and do the auction with that. :/

    Edit: FU, ZOS
    Edited by qbit on November 9, 2018 11:52PM
  • Reverb
    Your odds of getting Zeni support attention for this before Monday are pretty slim, and by then your social ban will have resolved itself. If your auction is this weekend you'll need to have it run by another officer, or done in Discord, with prizes mailed out after the ban expires.
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  • icydeath12
    Soul Shriven
    @ Reverb
    Got it, thanks for letting me know!
  • icydeath12
    Soul Shriven
    Looks like my Social ban was removed! YAY!
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