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PvP In Murkmire - Your Early Impressions

  • Bam_Bam
    Much better server performance (although have crashed on a loading screen when entering delves).
    Mechanic-wise, glad speed was nerfed. I didn't even notice the change to healing ward as I never used it for the initial heal.
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  • Kikke
    Very Negative
    Enchant meta = Pure cancer
    Gutting of the sorc class = I still kill scrubs so I don't care
    new dodge is idiotic! = Used to be able to dodge both snipe and incap. Now when you hear the sound, it's too late.
    LAG and BUGS! = Do I need to explain this?
    Obvious stamina bias = Stamina > magicka in PvP, this is a common fact that ZOS chooses to ignore.
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  • BaylorCorvette
    I only PvP on a StamSorc and usually only Shor but poke around Vivec when there's not much happening in Shor, so obviously I can only speak to those points.

    I like the changes to mobility, Forward Momentum needed the nerf. I ran 2H on my back bar, and only for FM. When that's the only reason you use a specific weapon line there's obviously a problem. Furthermore, one of the core strengths of a StamSorc is its mobility and with Swift and Speed Pots the way they were, and how terrible streak is with terrain, the speed of StamSorc is much less noticeable. Now, in Murkmire my StamSorc feels a lot stronger and I'm able to utilize mobility of the class a lot better (compared to other classes).

    In terms of general feel of PvP in Murkmire, I'm enjoying it overall. The enchant meta sucks big time. However I find it much more tolerable in Cyrodiil than in BGs. Lag feels the same to me in Vivec and I haven't had any issues in Shor. In fact I get less random loading screens now, so that is a plus.

    The changes to the gates and bridges are nice, it makes things in Shor interesting. However in Vivec the bridges and gates seem to be destroyed a lot and with a constant siege battle. Tactically I think it's a solid choice.

    The addition of three new outposts is nice. Typically I'm with 2-4 other people and going deep into the enemy side of the map. It's no fun to PvDoor a keep with a couple people. However with only a couple people you can take an enemy outpost fairly quickly giving your small group a forward foothold to get constant fights and having a reliable place to rez, rather than dealing with forward camp cool downs.

    Overall I like the changes, but I do think something needs to be done with the enchants.
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  • MinarasLaure
    Nothing really changed.
    Stamden, stamblade and stamplar are still up there, all the other classes are as weak as always.
    Bridges, new outposts and gates are a nice addition but not enough.
    On a bright side... kill 20 wardens is now as quick as kill enemy players (which is kind of sad)
  • imredneckson
    Very Negative
    The lag is horrible. I crashed after being in Cyrodiil for 5 minutes and gave up trying to get back in after my 7th attempt. Each time it was the same BS pop up saying I have an invalid connection. After that I'd say the stuck in combat bug, still have loading screens of death, and a lot more bugs on top of that.
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  • grannas211
    I havent played in a few weeks. I was thinking about maybe coming back to check out Murkmire; however, it looks like I'll continue to be on hiatus. At least my 6 month sub ran out last month, so no wasting money.
  • Brutusmax1mus
    As much a i hate not having permanent expedition, it's made sense. The destructible gates are annoying, although I've seen more spread bc of it.

    For Gods sake, FIX SNIPE. I can't believe it's still in this state.. oh actually. Yes i can.
  • M3atwad
    Very Negative
    Finally got to play a bit after it released on console and have to say i'm not impressed. Templar Jabs are all messed up and require 3-4 activation's to work. Shade is broken and only works if your standing right next to it or in an open field. CC breaking just became way more difficult if not next to impossible. I havent really noticed high quantities of enchant procs on recaps so cant say its an issue on console yet, but I use it myself without torugs on DW and it is overpowered for sure. Mag-Sorcs have no place in non-cp cyrodiil. All campaigns I played in today had less than half of the usual population but twice the lag and latency issues. I could go on and on, but you get the idea.
  • Vapirko
    About the same as always. A few decent changes, same performance issues, favors zergs and ball groups.
  • montiferus
    I was really concerned about how my medium armor stamplar build with fare with Murkmire but I have to say so far so good at least on console. I thought losing minor vitality and not getting 100% uptime on minor protection would be huge but I have to say I only feel a little squishier. The big gain is having a magicka pool now dedicated to purify which is great.

    My biggest concern is the lack of overall population in PVP. On Xbox we are basically down to one campaign which doesn't even get pop locked.
  • p00tx
    Some stuff feels better and cleaner, some stuff feels worse. When there is no zerg around, everything feels a lot faster and less glitchy. Templar Sweeps feel amazing for the first time in a long time. The lag feels weird though, and it's occurring in isolated places now. I was fighting another Magplar yesterday and the second I gap closed in, it felt like I was swimming through molasses. I roll dodged away from them, and after moving back a certain distance, the lag subsided. Moved in close again, lag back. It was really weird.

    Had a few moments of lag spikes that seemed to only hit me, leaving me frozen for no reason, while other players were fine (mostly the enemy ones). Load screens are as bad as ever. Lots more instances of the glitched Sweeps animation, where your character carries around what looks like a giant lightning bolt after using sweeps. Had to transit to get rid of it.

    The collapsible bridges and gates are pretty cool, and I dig the Cyrodil facelift. Overall, I'm feeling like my Magplar has more offensive fighting ability than before, so I get to spend less time on the defensive in my "house". It actually feels more balanced, and I like that they didn't tip the scales too far into "God-plar" territory. I still have to know what I'm doing with the class, but it's less niche and more mainstream viable now. I took the Magblade for a little spin as well, to see if the shield changes were a deal breaker, and was pleasantly surprised. I had to shift a couple of skills around to provide a little more self healing and be a little more evasive, but overall it wasn't too bad. Not as bad as I was expecting anyway, based on the forum Doomsday reports.

    The new RotW sets are cool, and I'm enjoying the theory crafting opportunity. It feels like Mag users have some more viable resource/sustain based options now, and I'm digging that, since I'm of the Sustain>Survival>Dmg school of PvP build-making.

    Not a terrible patch overall.

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  • CatchMeTrolling
    Not terrible but nothing to make people log on either. It doesn’t help that this is game season, around this time of year you can’t afford to have an average dlc.

    Plus I fear what’s about to happen on console when BDO drops, the beta is so packed like eso when it first released.
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  • technohic
    Not terrible but nothing to make people log on either. It doesn’t help that this is game season, around this time of year you can’t afford to have an average dlc.

    Plus I fear what’s about to happen on console when BDO drops, the beta is so packed like eso when it first released.

    I enjoyed BDO at first. Then I realized how much of a grind it can be. It's not terrible in that I found the combat fun, but I realized pretty quick how casual I am. just can't keep up
  • geonsocal
    I'm not sure how much I really care anymore...

    3 plus years is a long time to be playing the same game...
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  • barshemm
    Stam sorc feels like a wrecking ball now. I can get in and blow stuff up but with the mobility nerfs my main source of defense took a big hit. Sustain also is a lot harder now, the extra dark deal to keep stamina and as a heal just isn't helping like it did before.

    I basically have to focus a lot more on position and los more and reset against good players and of course.

    Medium armor is useful now which is nice. Medium impreg with bloodspawn is a legit build, I'm still working on deciding on a 3rd set.

    The lack of bar space with overload is really a big hit. I don't have room for shuffle or bound armaments. I switched to atro just to get the passive on the back bar.

    I'm still adapting so this post sounds like a lot of complaining but if I build to what appears to the vision of a Stam sorc, which is high pressure, some stuff just isn't fitting. A tweak to passives like moving the sustain to something we actually have a reason to slot would help. A stamina focused ult would help too. The stun and ability to los with atro as well as access to the sustain passives on that bar is nice. If it had a physical damage morph that chucked rocks would be awesome.

    We are the mobility class, how about giving us something that gives us snare/root immunity instead of having to use a weapon/armor skill. I have always run rally, need that burst heal and like I said, no room for shuffle. If anything, drop the damage component of streak and add snare/root immuntity and keep the stun, that would go a long way to helping Stam sorcs with dks.
  • OrdoHermetica
    Hmmm... I think I need to amend my answer from "Neutral" to "Negative" after playing for a while. While my feelings on the balance changes remain neutral, the performance and bugs are much worse. And they were already pretty bad.
  • CatchMeTrolling
    technohic wrote: »
    Not terrible but nothing to make people log on either. It doesn’t help that this is game season, around this time of year you can’t afford to have an average dlc.

    Plus I fear what’s about to happen on console when BDO drops, the beta is so packed like eso when it first released.

    I enjoyed BDO at first. Then I realized how much of a grind it can be. It's not terrible in that I found the combat fun, but I realized pretty quick how casual I am. just can't keep up

    Yeah it’s a lot of grinding but there’s not many mmos on console so people will play it especially since games like Neverwinter gets attention. Don’t see myself getting into it, I’ll stick to eso. But zos can take note and add different types of pvp.
  • MaxJrFTW
    Definitely not a fan of the current all ranged meta in high mmr bgs. The only stam users you see are stam dks because of wings and take flight. Everybody else is ranged, if you want to play melee just go find another game.

    I'll try to adapt and make a ranged build with my current class(templar). If it doesn't work then it's time to check out BfA.
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  • RedGirl41
    Very Negative
    PVP in murkmire is probably the worst ive seen. Zos is continuously rewarding zerging and xv1 behavior while making it impossible to play alone, small groups or even groups of 10 people. The only changes they made to cyrodiil were environmental based by changing the bridges (which btw are impossible to repair without standing on the very edge?) The added outposts are just about useless. Ever since the ap ticks were buffed to get a flat 6k for doing literally nothing people just run in full alliance groups from each keep. Running 48+ man groups out of a guild chat because everyone wants to get free ap. murkmire still didn't nerf the siege damage and its hitting players with 13k stone trebs.

    some other problems:

    -Snipe is worse than ever before and will de sync you EVERY TIME.

    -meteor still cannot be blocked most of the time

    -Rubber banding back when being sniped or cc'ed

    -Javelin is still broken and sliding people around (also magic should be a knock down too but that's my opinion)

    -PS4 NA is having horrible visual glitches of coding all over the sky, ground, text chat, skill bars, etc. Even when closing app it still doesn't go away

    -The combat timer is insanely long. You cannot change any skills, slot things to the hot wheel, mount or literally anything even when you haven't been in combat for 5 minutes. If a group member gets in combat you cant do anything. Half of the time im running to keeps on foot because I cannot mount. Templars and wardens have had this problem for over a year alone.

    -snares are unbelievably bad especially without speed bonus, feels like you need someone spamming rapids to even play open field.

    -"Sprint locked" when our characters are getting locked in sprint and you cant use any abilities

    and lastly, cyrodiil has just turned into "tanks and ganks". Cyrodiil is a player vs player environment and yet everyone builds their character to be an unkillable tank and run in a 24 man group to get to the next O tick. if they aren't tanks then they are just ganking with snipe (because again... this skill has been broken since launch and weve asked for a change) weve asked for a nerf to heavy, asked for less heavy dps sets. everywhere you look people have over 30k health... the buff to health this patch was unnecessary.

    this could all be fixed with more focus on base pvp. we don't need more quests and environment changes and siege, we asked for basic combat and to bring back the player vs player in cyrodiil.

    The new dlc looks beautiful, they put time into the crown store... but the game its self is falling apart and nobody seems in a rush to fix it (pve is also struggling with glitches all over)

    Also. this post isn't to rag on people who enjoy taking keeps and running in big groups. ALL forms of pvp should be allowed and have their advantage. solo, small scale, large groups. Zos keeps making it harder and hard for people to play in small groups because they don't want players with thumbs to kill 10+ppl.

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