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I lose a lot FPS on mac

Soul Shriven
I have played elder scrolls online for almost two years and I have problems that withe low FPS. It is that it taks almost 1-2 min before everything is proper loaded. have most low FPS in towns, the worst is in the capital and when there are many players nearby. Have turn of alle other program before playing elder scrolls online. I have tried to get high graphics setting and it helps but i only playing white one character and here is one thing that really kills my FPS is when i have more character. Is it common that more character can kill your FPS?

Am not sure if it is that i have programs that kills my FPS or if i have a bad graphic gard: Intel Iris Pro 1536 MBI. Is there anyway to fix the problem? I am really tired of playing elder scrolls online white one character. Plz help me.
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