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What would you like to see in your house?


What would you like to see in your house? 44 votes

Armor Mannequin
GilvothIruil_ESOTureluskimaerilNetViperXGarishSosRuvaakAlboMaleficaRampealIncognitiusSaturnanaSofiDesuneStratlocStrike_MaximusGreyssonWolfStar07 16 votes
Weapon Racks
GoldenLightCillion3117shadowwraith666Shadow_AkulaThannazzarWildberryjackItacirajamgrsMintaka5VinterskaldAzriael2 11 votes
Npc Bard
PheefsSpearpointIlithyaniaArtim_XLasinagolKeylunLewisFernwehAshrynLakhitiaspartaxoxo 10 votes
Fishing holes
ixieNebthet78DelphiniaTonyRockaronighastleyAnotherone773megshere 7 votes
Enemy Npc
  • NetViperX
    Armor Mannequin
    Since you didn't have naked wood elf girls on the list, I chose armor mannequins. Those would be my second choice.
  • Shadow_Akula
    Weapon Racks
    Weapon & armor racks, been asking for awhile now and ZoS won’t give a simple “cool idea” or “We won’t do this because...”

    There’s an old thread with a poll asking for weapons and armor racks with the only no being a misclick and only about 10 maybes out of something like 150-170 people.

    (Would also love guard npc’s but I’d like weapons and armor first)
  • Xerikten
    none of the above.

    I need more slots.

    the argument in the other forum doesn't hold water. if an other 10ish year old mmo can have 1200 slots with the option to add more via a crafted item and a store bought item then this one should too. if you cant do certain things because of the non computer platform then don't have it available to them.
  • Commancho
    I would like to hire npc and run auction house ;)
  • GoldenLight
    Weapon Racks
    Basically I would like to see Armor Mannequins and Weapon Racks like they are in Skyrim. It would be nice to show off any extra armor and weapons that you have around your house. It would also help to make it come to life and be more "lived in"
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  • Aurie
    You forgot the 6th option.

  • shadowwraith666
    Weapon Racks
    Armour and weapon racks with the added ability to craft replica non-usable weapons and armour.
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  • Turelus
    Armor Mannequin
    Armor Mannequin for sure. All these nice styles I learn and I can't display them. :disappointed:
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  • NolaArch
    Other: Those geodes from EH and Mazz.
    Ardat-Yakshii EP Stam NB
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  • ghastley
    Fishing holes
    Actually I want the fishing hole outside, and I don't care about catching fish, just being able to do the animation as an idle.
  • mateosalvaje
    I've been wrong before, and I'll be wrong again.
  • RANKK7
    My alts.

    And placeable tiles of water, even without effects, I like very much water.
    I would fill some houses with small pools.

    Edited by RANKK7 on October 27, 2018 5:42AM
    "I really don't know who the **** came off with this change. Definitely somebody who does not play the game, that's for sure".
  • GreenHere
    Other: Writ pickup boards!
    PC :: ESO+ subscriber
  • Anotherone773
    Fishing holes
    i would like to see small and medium normal houses that dont require crowns and are only available for 3 hours out of the year. You know how houses were suppose to be before they got greedy and decided to try to sell us houses for a real house payment by making it urgent you buy now as its only available until tomorrow!

    Outside of that, i guess i would take fishing since many of the later houses seem have a lot of water.
  • NovaMarx
    All of the above, and then some. Although as it is now, I personally don't feel a need for more static furnishing items.

    At this point they need to do something significant to housing to keep it interesting. Be it new interact-able items, conveniences, environment/ambiance customisation, more furnishing and collection slots, etc.
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  • Spearpoint
    Npc Bard
    Besides more furniture slots; friendly NPCs making gooood vibes in the crib.
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  • Cillion3117
    Weapon Racks
    Weapon racks and armor mannequins. I'd also like to hang shields and weapons on my walls as decorations.
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