Looking for Dremora Swords, legs, chest and bow motif or at least how much they cost.

Soul Shriven
as the title says im looking for those motif pages from dremora set. im not exactly capable yet to do trials or arena, and im not lucky enough to get them as drops from regular plundered skulls.

id like to at least know how much they cost. so i can plan accordingly but my current offer is 1k gold per. but yeah.
  • Icextentialist
    Wrong thread. This is guild recruitment. And you're going to need to pay at least 10x-15x that on Xbox unless you find someone who is feeling rather generous. Some people are actually selling chest motifs for 120k.
  • SirAndy
    On PC, the chests go for 30k to 50k right now, the swords are a bit cheaper. The rest go for about 3k+ ...

    PS: Any WTB or trading thread will be closed by a mod

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  • Snipress
    I'm actually generous when it comes to this game. I've sold a few chest/swords motifs for 10k each. I've only sold the leg motif for 25k.
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  • ZOS_Bill
    Threads made for the purpose of selling and trading are not permitted on the forums. For this reason we will be closing the discussion.
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