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Reset Everything ?

Been away 6 months. Bad timing to return likely right at patch day. I don't know which addons have been active or which are not working since they havent been updated yet after patch. The Add-ons are getting a bit bloated anyways. I was thinking of starting from scratch. I wasn't sure how to delete all the addons I have. I also use Minion.

Is it possible to delete them all to reduce clutter and start again?

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  • Qyrk

    In your Elder Scrolls Folder (the one that gets created on your 'My Document' if you're on PC), there's an Addon Folder, which you can delete. This way you can have a clean slate. Once you start up the game again, the game will recreate an Addon folder.

    Since you have Minion, you can start downloading all the addons you prefer after the above.
  • Easily_Lost
    Since you use Minion, I would do it this way:
    1) Left click on the addon that you want to delete. Click 'Uninstall'.
    2) The next screen that you see will ask if you want to delete the Saved Variables, check the box to delete them also.
    3) Click delete ( might be uninstall, can't remember ).

    This method takes longer, but you make sure you delete all relevant files to the addon.
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  • thedude33
    Thanks guys.
    1v1 Win/Loss Record in PvP.
    1 Wins - 392 Losses (guy was AFK)

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