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Please remove autokick from dungeons after "activity complete"

Or at the very least just add a portal at the end that takes you out, if you want to. I had just completed a dungeon on one of my newer characters and the other players left before I could even hand in the quest. It was Banished Cells I so I did not have time to hand in the quest before it booted me.
  • YamiKuruku
    Just write in chat that you do the quest, there is always a person who understands and stays. And if not then ... yeah sucks :I
    I hate Banished Cells for its long quest x'D The same for Vaults of Madness, damn...

    Maybe a better/easier solution would be to hand it in in the beginning of the dungeon, so that people that got kicked out can travel to a new instance and complete it.
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  • SydneyGrey
    YamiKuruku wrote: »
    Just write in chat that you do the quest, there is always a person who understands and stays. And if not then ... yeah sucks :I
    Not always. One time I told my PUG I was doing the quest, and at the end reminded them again and politely asked them to stay until I could turn it in, and everybody still left. :/
    ZOS really, really needs to do something about that. It's just awful. My dungeon was normal-mode, too, which is the mode I do when I have to do the quests, since I figure people have already done the quests if they're doing veteran. If you're doing a normal-mode dungeon, it's just polite for people to stay long enough for everyone to be able to do the quest.
  • Hotdog_23
    I wish they would change them to an instant where it would stay activity until everyone left and not autokick if you are the only one left. This would give everyone time to complete quest and give others a chance to explore the dungeon if they choose to.
  • doggie
    Direfrost keep is probably the worst, stuff to pick up, there is an entire extra encounter mid dungeon. Had to do that dungeon several times because I kept forgetting one or the other. Always fun when you drag 3 extra bosses up the stairs and into the trashpull the others are doing at the time...
  • SydneyGrey
    I've noticed the developers never comment on this topic, which makes me wonder whether they're thinking about it, or if they have no interest in changing it for whatever reason.
  • ruengdet2515
    100% Agree and hope in future patch so i can walk back to read journal/quest before exit dung.
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