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Some Minor but necessary changes in the end game content

ZOS dev team should make 2 minor changes but important ones in order to improve the end game level content:
  1. Make only raid leader able to pass final boss in HM mode so no noobs/trolls will break the hard work of the rest of the group
  1. Add the name of the player in the success, so when a raid lead ask to link the success, no noobs will copy past the sucess of other vet players

this isn't by any matter a way to exclude other players but to insure the rest of the group objective is fullfiled

@ZOS_GinaBruno please take a look at my proposition
  • Okamiris
    @killmove Tu n'as pas posté sur le bon forum :#
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  • ZOS_LouisEvrard
    Moved to the right place :) Have a good day !
    Staff Post
  • Tinus_92
    Better thing would be to be able to deactivate hardmodes after activation; such as repairing the statues in vHRC.
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  • killmove
    how i see thing related to ressources:
    1. you have plenty of ressources so you're like a marathon man, study dmg on the full run
    2. you don't have enough ressources, you're a sprinter, high burst and high dmg in a short time

    playing both style should bring to the same dmg/heal, only the sprinter needs to put more HA in beween to keep getting ressources
    PC EU
  • El_Borracho
    Can't find any flaw in the logic here. Haven't had anyone troll me in a while with the HM activation on a vet trial. But still, a quality suggestion.
  • DaveMoeDee
    Please limit your content to Trials. I couldn't figure out how the OP made any sense until I realized they aren't referring to hard mode in vet dungeons. It would be absurd to give special powers to group leader in a pug.
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