Looking for a LGBTQA and Khajiit-friendly guild Xbox One/NA

Soul Shriven
Bright moons! This one is an active Khajiit AD adventurer in the NA EST time zone currently in the level 40s looking for an easygoing guild mostly for social, group PvE and trading for now (PvP and other things later). Jarida is a Khajiit woman who would rather not deal with any anti-LGBTQA "jokes" in chat, and it would be nice to meet other gaymers. An all-Khajiit guild would be amazing, but this one realizes that's asking a lot. Please contact this one in-game (Daro-Jarida or Phoebegoesvroom) or on here if you have a guild to invite this one to that fits the bill.

May Jone and Jode smile upon you :3
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Xbox One/NA
  • BadSerpico
    No anti-heterosexual jokes... then count me in
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