Look for a PVE Guild with activity time ~ GMT + 6

Good afternoon! I am in Thailand, so unfortunately all event which holds now with all EU Server guild it too late to me - it's starts around midnight or 1 am :(
Maybe is there any guild with players from Australia, New Zeland, Vietnam in my time zone?
Mana NB - 26k dps - crafter
Mana Pet Sorc - 38k dps - crafter when new patch will come :(
DK Tank - PVP & PVE
Really want to learn more, discuss new builds, rotation, etc., increase DPS, join some trials, etc.
can be helpful for the guild for vet trials, can help with crafting, furhishing, can handle Newbie raids (waishrines+skyshard+world bosses)
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Furniture crafting PC EU
  • Tinus_92

    Perhaps the following link may be something you're looking for;

    As for myself I've got no connections with them as a guild, but their raiding times listed there are rather unique for the PC EU server, which may or may not fit with your scedule. It's that I've already got spots in other raiding guilds myself, and that their times doesn't meet mines currently, but otherwise it does seem like a nice guild to apply for.
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