Where are the Class Teachers?

I'm not very much into lore, but on occasion, questions pop up. Where would a young and aspiring character go to get initiated into her class? Where would she go to learn her first skill line? Is there a "Dragonknight Hall" somewhere? Not that I've seen one.
  • Saphayla
    Templars probably come about in monasteries and such
    Nightblades sound like they're straight outta the Dark Brotherhood
    Dragonknights... I have no idea, honestly
    Sorcerers feel like Mages Guild folk with a touch of edge. Meridia is also mentioned in their skills occasionally
    Wardens are children of Radaghast the Brown

    Yeah, this isn't a very serious answer, but I just don't know and it's sad to see threads with no responses
  • Bruccius
    Weren't Dragonknights related to the Akaviri or something?
    Perhaps the Dragonguard?
  • Vuldovahkriid
    Yeah it be nice to have some class identity a bit. Class Order Halls like WoW would be a nice addition, get some class specific quests and rewards.
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  • Robo_Hobo
    Templars learn their skills from a group called the "Resolutes of Stendarr", they reach their skills to anyone willing to learn, even if they don't worship Stendarr. Although, perhaps not known Vampires or Werewolves since they're one of the Abominations that they show no mercy toward.

    Dragonknight's learn their skills from the Akaviri, or the Dragon guard, as it's an ancient Akaviri martial fighting style.

    Of course, you could always learn it second-hand, too, from someone else who learned it from them, or even beyond them.

    I'm not sure about Sorcerer's or Nightblades, but here's some books about the classes that you might find interesting.





    Here's the link to the other skill books, search for the ones with the class names in the list, there's a lot. :)

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  • Ajaxandriel
    I'm not very much into lore, but on occasion, questions pop up. Where would a young and aspiring character go to get initiated into her class? Where would she go to learn her first skill line? Is there a "Dragonknight Hall" somewhere? Not that I've seen one.
    Definitely the characters may have learnt from a mentor, a master, a "teacher" that would vary according to their cultures.

    First if you read the flavor text of class description:

    Dragonknights inherit their skills from akaviri teachings. They were gained by some Imperial troops centuries ago when Reman conquered an invading army of Tsaesci from Akavir that became the Dragonguard. Some of them or their descent may still be around - another flavor text (about the crafting style) mentions the city of Rimmen where they live, moreover the Fighters Guild itself is the legacy of the Syffim, an akaviri militia in the Empire.

    Are there schools? Not so much but depending on the cultures you can notice some, like those blademasters of the Redguard in a place in Alik’r, and so on

    Almost all the NPCs have the abilities of one of the five classes so they’re pretty widespread.
    For instance all guards of Tamriel seem to know skills of the DK! Also some altmer Jusiciars, khajiit Champions, etc.

    The last part is a matter of your own interprétation and choice of background (that will be legit as far as the classes are displayed under many cultural archetypes amongst the NPCs)
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