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Soul Shriven
I cannot find Danel Telleno in Summerset, Alinor. (I just got Summerset expansion and started new character in Shimmerene.)
I went to Devon's Watch (am Argonian) and found him in the Mage's guild, but no quest.
What must I do to complete the Consumables certifications and get the crafting writs?
I am level 6 now and couldn't find him in the Alinor market or mage's guild. So I tried Devon's Watch and found him, but no quest.
  • Runs
    Level 6 is the right level, have you tried visiting a writ board? That should give you a quest to go visit Danel and/or the woman that does equipment writs.

    -edit to add- Not sure if it makes a difference but may help to visit the stations so you have the skill lines unlocked too.
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  • friimynd
    Soul Shriven
    good news
    i had a hunch that i needed to complete the equipment certifications before i could see Danel Telleno
    sur nuf
    he appeared in the market after i did the last eq cert
    they should just put these guys in the crafting section, too much running
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