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Does minion still work?

It wont launch for me. I've redownloaded it several times and can't figure out how to get this thing to work. I've already completely disabled my firewall.
  • erlewine
    Yes, it works fine.
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  • SlippyCheeze
    Yes, it works fine.
  • fgoron2000
    works fine for me...early on i had some issues with it sometimes not launching, but i haven't had that problem for quite a while...

  • dan958
    I used it perfectly fine yesterday. What sort of problems are you having with it?
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  • coplannb16_ESO
    happens sometimes on win10, it starts but doesnt show the window. close it and restart. 2nd or third attempt should work
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  • md3788
    dan958 wrote: »
    I used it perfectly fine yesterday. What sort of problems are you having with it?

    I actually got it to work. I ended up downloading the 32 bit version and its working now.
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  • Baertram
    Common solutions are
    -Use the 32bit version even on 64bit system
    -Start it as administrator
    -Delete the minion.xml file before start (will need you do recheck the addons dir and update/redownload the addons sometimes)
    -Check the minion.log file what is happening. Is there a ping to the minion servers and it is not getting an answer? Check your firewall/antivirus then and whitelist/allow/do not block Minion.exe in there anymore
    Backup your savedvariables!!!
    If the log says something about an addon name where it repeats the checks each time, the addon's name might be defect. Delete it and all others should work again. Afterwards reinstall the addon deleted again.
    -If your windows username contains non-latin characters like cyrillic one Minion is not supporting this. You need to install Minion in anoher directory then standard or rename your windows username to only latin characters.
    -If Minion is working but your installed addons won't show up ingame check if OneDrive is enabled and if the user directory is on OneDrive. Minion is not supporting this, you need to remove eso folder (for the addons) from OneDrive then to e.g. c:\users\your win username\elder scrolls online\live\
    -If Minion is not finding your eso directory try to search manually for UserSettings.txt (you need to have run and closed ESO at least once properly before this file will be created!) and see where this folder is. Point Minion to this directory then.
  • Voluptificus
    When Minion is started but nothing appears, put the mouse on it, a little blank screen appears upon, right click in it and click on magnify : it works for me :)
  • bongtokin420insd16
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