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How do I remove these icons?

Have not played ESO for quite some time and now have no idea from what add-ons these circled icons are and how to get rid of them.

Please help. Thank you.

  • Lake
    Can you screenshot without the (abandoned & outdated) Inventory Grid View & similar addons? And update any other addons.

    The yellow icon seems to be from the Trait Tracker ZOS added (not removable if it's the base game icon, and not some visual glitch or another addon using the icon).


    (Also, I had to remove Inventory Grid View because it caused displacement with the ZOS-added icons like in your screenshot.)

  • SilverWF
    Red crossed circle is the same - ZOS icon. It means that this item can't be sold.
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  • Baertram
    FCOChangeStuff is able to remove those.
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