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Official Discussion Thread for "ESO Stream Team & Current Twitch Drops Schedule"

  • Komma
    Ya. Can understand giving the stream team stuff to give away in streams. At least that gives smaller streamers a chance with their own giveaways if they want. Would hope they would promote all streamers who choose their game to stream and not just a select few. Killing off the small streamers isnt healthy for the long term of ESO on twitch. Leaving the drops on for everyone just makes sense...and work something out for console folks already!

    What is really strange is that they have a stream team yet pay a few select people who don't even play their game to stream it. Should sit in those chats sometimes and hear their followers trash the game.
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  • nightstrike
    Most of the people who are supposed to be streaming ESO at various times.... aren't.
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  • JesQu
    imo they should make the drops available at everytime to make the game even more popular and increase the chance of getting the mount.
  • StormChaser3000
    Thank you ZOS (and Yogscast whose stream was the first one I ever watched on twitch)! 0.2% miracle happened. This one is purrrrrring when looking at their new kitty. ^^
    Edited by StormChaser3000 on August 30, 2018 3:20PM
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