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Resources are impossible to take

  • Soleya
    They are even harder when you start lagging like this

    Around 1 min in it gets really bad. Through most of this, i had no idea what my character was doing, was casting things I wasn't hitting, wasn't casting things i was. SO i just tried heavy attacking and even that was laggy and broken.

    Biggest problem I have on most of my characters is disorient (stun) happens to me on CC immunity cooldown. Pretty much hit by it every 4 seconds.
  • technohic
    Mr_Nobody wrote: »
    A few days ago while derping semi afk above Ales mine, i witnessed *4* DC die to guards. 4. Who came in as a group.


    Lol. I’ve had 2 it 3 start tagging along before and watch 1 die and while I’m sitting there trying to figure out how, almost let myself go. But staying up and soloing with some PUGs around can lead to you becoming the leader of the PUGs.

    Really they have gotten harder; but still nothing compared to some of the solo to small man groups that are out there from time to time. Same principle applies
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    I may have missed it but if you are NA PC server send me a message and I will show you how and even help you get your resources if you prefer. No worries mate.
    Please fix the game ZOS thank you.
    CP 1000 +

  • p00tx

    Open your map, hover your cursor over the resource you want to go to, then click whichever button functions as a "select" button ("A" on Xbox). If the resource shows it is level 3, 4, or 5, it's going to be pretty tough to take. Look for lvl 1 and 2 resources. If you're on PC, the new system is in place already, so I'm not sure how that works, but I believe there are still levels involved, only fewer of them.

    Someone also suggested using siege from a distance to soften them up first. It works. Make sure to always take out the healers first because they'll undo a lot of your work before you can get in another shot.

    The tower game also works. Pull the tower guard and the tower healer to the very top floor and kill them. Then drop down to the second floor and kill the mage guard. He/She does the most damage. Next, rush the healers at the flags, being careful not to move too far from the flag or you'll risk pulling even more NPCs.

    If you run out of resources and need a minute, use that tower to LoS for a bit.

    I'm a heavy armor healer with a lot of hours logged in PvP and I still have a rough time soloing resources these days. Don't be too hard on yourself. It's a good challenge-goal to set for yourself.
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    Xbox NA

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  • Crixus8000
    You say sturdiest char but what defence do you have ? You need healing to survive anything in this game, use vigor and some other hots like forward momentum. The npc's deal decent dmg but it's their cc that is most difficult if you new. Keep your stam and heals up and you should be fine. Also save up a dmg ult and burst it on flag to start off.

    I can do it pretty easy with my char because I have good healing, I just run up to the flag, slam dawnbreaker and they are pretty much dead, then I let the mage in the tower hit me while I'm on the flag to get my ult back incase any players arrive.
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