[PS4 EU] Made a guild for returning players (vets can join also)

Soul Shriven
Noob World Order is now recruiting! We're a guild made for trading and what ever else you like.

Guild was made for me and my buddies coming back after a very long lay off. We've came back into the game pretty hard and thought we'd boost our ranks with others returners. Vets are also very welcome.

Only rules:

- Don't be a *** (moaning all the time, sexism, racism, bigotry etc)

- Being toxic will get you swiftly kicked out.

- Do not be creepy.

- Be nice.
  • StueyMac40
    I'd like to join plz....@StueyMac40.
    I'm nice...honest!
  • FuzzyDunlop81
    I'd be interested in joining, I have returned after a long layoff.

    3x 297 characters, healer, tank & DPS.

    PSN = FuzzyDunlop81

    I'm very much over 18, unfortunately and whilst I'm rusty (only came back today!) I'll get up to speed soon and my healer is very good, believe it or not :)
  • Tarkit
    This suits me perfectly! Been playing again for the last two weeks and feeling slightly out of place!

    Last seriously played when wrothgar came out, although i did run through the dark brotherhood since then.

    3 chars CP 380 ish. Looking for some vet content and edging my way towards trials hopefully! Also playing on my own isn't quite as fun as having a community.

    PSN: Tarkit1

    24 Y/o Londona :)
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