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Maelstrom Vet way too Hard : (

  • greylox
    It's not for everyone, you either have the determination to do it, or like me, I hate any sort of mechanics so I stay well away. Just don't feel you have to do it.
    Edited by greylox on August 13, 2018 10:02AM
    PC EU

    House of the Black Lotus
    *{Smokes-in-the-Shade }* (Mag pet Sorc Argonian, prolific thief, willing participant of the dark arts, gardener of exotic...herbs)
    {Lugdum The Mechanist} (Hybrid Orc Templar, collector of ancient Ayleid smoking pipes)
    {Rantoul} (Dark Elf Magknight, likes an ale between boss fights, has been known to offer daedric princes out in a fist fight)
    {Red, The Wanderer} (Bosmer stam sorc and hunter extraordinaire)
    {Shoots-For-Stars} (Argonian Mag pet Sorc Ice mage Healer)
    *{Jinny the spark }* (Sassy Imperial Stamplar)
    {Crezzi the Drifter} (Magblade khajiit burglar, available for questionable operations)
    {Grif the Despised} (StamKnight Tank Nord, Eastmarch Master Drinker and spinner of tall yarns)
    {Geraldine Stone-Heart} (High Elf MagSorc Ice Tank, Mystic, practitioner of the ancient arts)
    *{Anawinn}* (Stam pet Ward Redguard, Mother to a bear and an unruly Hunger,Librarian, field medic and natures fist)
    { CP 900+ }

    Caretaker of Battle Island (Grand Topal), the holiday destination for the discerning warrior
    Residing in Stay-Moist Mansion-Shadowfen - The Smoking Den (as of 6th feb 2017)

  • Elsterchen
    Always look on the bright side:


  • felinith66
    just outa curiosity, if you leave the Arena and come back does it save your spot or do you have to start the whole thing over?

    The reset timer is 5 minutes.

    If you leave the Arena but have picked up the quest and come back after 5 minutes, you will resume your run from round 1 of the stage you are on, and if you haven't picked up the quest and come back after 5 minutes, you start from scratch.

    This is not true. I was on the 8th arena and had to leave. Couldn't come back for a couple of weeks. I cam back expecting it to have reset, and it just put me straight back into 8. I am not sure if something changed on that. I know it used to be that if you left for a while it totally reset, but now it just starts you at the start of the arena you were on, no matter how long it takes between tries.

    What he said is true. It all depends on whether you have the quest or not. Without the quest, and if you leave the arena for >5 min, it will reset to stage 1. With the quest, it will only reset to round 1 of the stage that you were in when you left.
  • boombazookajd
    Alcast wrote: »
    Maelstrom is a patience game. If you are going in there the first time do not expect to get through it easily. You need to learn the mechanics to succeed. Also, if you get stuck somewhere, take a break and retry the next day, usually helps a lot.
    You can also find tons of maelstrom gameplay on my website/youtube:
    And I do have a beginners guide for it as well with setups:
    Mister_DMC wrote: »
    @Alcast Since your name is being tossed around here bud can you link these nice people your old VMA video with you dying hundreds of times with the circus music in the background? That's always a favorite of mine.

    That video is from before we figured out that you can avoid the fire damage from the daedroth

    HOLY F** that is insane. I'm SO EXCITED to get to this level!!
    Drathus Delenu- Dunmer magDk: Shehai Shatterer, Mageslayer, Stormproof, Peak Scaler, Clockwork Confounder, Orderly, Master Wizard, Cloudrest Hero, Undaunted, Dragonstar Arena Champion
    Thoronir Rolston- Breton petsorc: Stormproof
    Zaakazha-Redguard stamblade: Boethia's Scythe, Clockwork Confounder, Maelstrom Arena Champion, Dragonstar Arena Champion

    Justinius Maximus Decimus- Altmer magblade
    Agronak gro'Mashul- Orc DK Tank
    Valerya Hawkcroft- Breton healer
    Zaaka- Imperial stamDK/crafter

    XB1 NA
  • Donny_Vito
    Well to be fair, half the deaths in that video are from people running into the ghosts, which will rock your world with or without the CG's out.

    But also, like what was mentioned, you can obviously move in a circle around the CG to mitigate some of the damage. Just watch out for those ghosts!
  • paulychan
    I started with Morrowind and am just getting a toon into level 6. It seems as hard as it should be. There may be some weird rng mechanic to the spawns in 6, I’m trying to sort that stage out. Super fun, plz no nerf
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