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Crown Store Item Wish List

  • josephus41198
    More Imperial legion themed stuff, like the armored horse you made but never sold. (!!!!)
    Maormer Polymorph
    Morrowind Ordinator Personality
    Emperor outfit styles (!!!!)
    Wood elf themed outfits and mounts
    Gryphon mount (not a flying mount) or
    Aldmeri dominion styled horses or mounts
    Queen Ayrenn outfit style
    more verity in mounts and more lore connected stuff (not magical mounts and that crap, its elder scrolls)
    amulet of kings furnishing
    Imperial flags furnishing (!!!)

    PLEASE make some of these. Its really hard to roleplay without those
    Veteran\Pact\Imperial\Dragonknight- Tullius Gollus
    Veteran\Dominion\Altmer\Sorcerer- Ancarion Altairinil
    Normal\Pact\Argonian\Nightblade- Luraxith
    Normal\Pact\Nord\Nightblade- Loria Coldheart
    Normal\Pact\Dunmer\Warden- Renthis Redoril Telvanni
    Normal\Dominion\Altmer\Templar- Lithodor
    Normal\Dominion\Bosmer\Warden- Lywen Arrow-Catcher
    Normal\Pact\Dunmer\Templar- Fervyn Indoril
  • TheRealDoc
    Undead crates for Halloween :smile:
  • Starlight_Knight
    Pet skins !
  • Aelthwyn
    I've been wanting a wisp pet ever since the game began. I think I've seen someone else ask for this as well.

    I'd also really like a class change token. I have a couple characters that really ought to be Wardens, but I made them ages before Morrowind came out and remaking them (having to re-level crafting and achievements and horse training) isn't worth it, but it would be really nice to be able to switch them.
    Edited by Aelthwyn on August 13, 2018 5:41PM
  • pizzaow
    I want to purchase a fabricant (or other assistant) that will apply elemental drain and major fracture to a target dummy.

    Alternately, a target dummy that you can toggle on/off certain effects permanently.
    XBox/NA GT: Pizzaow
  • Sporvan
    More Imperial furnishings!!! Specifically the Colovian Imperial lights we can see in the new werewolf dungeon!!
  • Banana
    Class change
    Class change
    And class change.
  • Giraffon
    I'd pay a few crowns to increase the number of active quests I can have.
    Giraffon - Beta Lizard - For the Pact!
  • ScardyFox
    Werewolf Lord and Doom Wolf back for halloween.
  • SickleCider

    I come in periodically to remind you that I still want an absolutely gigantic black horse. : ) Something taller than the other horses in relation to the player character (closer to the size of the camel?), with a thick mane and tail and feathered feet, and simple, dark tack. I will pay a premium for this.

    Edit: a nightmare version of the above is still something I'd like to see, too.

    My other hope is that the polymorph effect of the mounts in the Hollowjack crates can be toggled off. I'll enjoy them regardless, but this toggle effect would make them perfect and guarantee I'll pursue a nice collection!
    Edited by SickleCider on August 19, 2018 4:52PM
    PS5 NA
  • russelmmendoza
    Almalexias armor/dress in the crown store please.
  • Mureel
    Acrolas wrote: »
    Gravord wrote: »
    Indrik will be avaiable for completing tokens from 3 different events, starting with Midyear mayhem.

    "The first event to feature Event Tickets will be the Witches Festival, which is being turned on during this PTS patch."
    "This unique, account-bound Legendary Feather is a Runebox Fragment; the remaining three Runebox Fragments will become available during future events."
    "While we won't spoil what they combine into just yet, be aware that the thing they create when combined will also be account-bound and untradeable."

    So four fragments redeemed with Event Tickets, starting with Witches. With no official confirmation, it could be an Indrik but all guesses are speculation until somebody actually assembles them.

    So please stop stating speculation as fact, especially when the actual facts are also incorrect.

    Yeah, in a year or however long it takes for do 4 events.
  • gresiac
    Alliance change token, cmon zos we need this option, put it on a timer.
  • Krainor1974
    I would buy a Lamae Bal statue from gem store if they only would add it.
  • Gnortranermara
    I made a thread for this a while back but I'll put it here, too.

    Cosmetic Pack: Hair Colors
    Cosmetic Pack: Skin Tones
    Cosmetic Pack: Racial Illusions (changes character model to make you look like a difference race)

    Skin: Cyrodilic Vampire Glamour (just removes Vampire appearance so you look normal)
  • mykkul76
    Soul Shriven
    Top 5 Furnishings:
    1) Accessory pack for a stable...bridles hay a trough pitchfork you name it...let's decorate our stables
    2)Armor mannequins to display outfits
    3) Farm plots that let us grow a small qty of a flower/ingredient...maybe 5 a day (or tiered plots to grow more)
    4) More lighting a window that let's the sun in
    5) More NPCs...crafter types we can use like assistants to give our houses more life. Even npc #guards# would be nice for flavor.
    6) More hooks!
  • LadyLethalla
    My suggestion: for the Jubilee celebration can we have every old limited time item in the Crown store please?
    x-TallyCat-x // PC EU DC - For the Covenant! // Max level CP since idk when. // ESO Platinum trophy - 16th May 2017Proud member of the Aetherium Alliance.Melbourne Australia - the land of Potato Internet.WTB ESO OCEANIC SERVER
  • Izaki
    NARYU'S ASSASSIN COSTUME!!!! (The Morag Tong one)
    @ Izaki #PCEU
    #FrenchKiss #GoneFor2YearsAndMyGuildDoesn'tRaidAnymore
  • ezio45
    Personal wish list:

    - Indrik

    - Owl
    - Eagle
    - Crow / Raven
    - Baby Indrik
    - Baby springbok
    - A "mud hopper" (something on the coast of summerset

    - The dress the home furniture vendor in alinor has

    Accessory's / style:
    - Beards (like dumbledor or gandolf )

    Holloween stuff:
    - Grim reaper robe / hood
    - Scythe style page for staffs
    - Ghost / Banshee polymorph
    - Wearable pumpkin Hat

  • Mielikki
    Anything fay/faerie themed! (:


  • DanteYoda
    Wild hunt crates and Storm Atro crates please to buy.
  • CaptainVenom
    Class Change Service please!
    🌈 Ride with Pride 🌈Magicka/Damage Necromancer - PC - NA - DC
  • SickleCider
    ezio45 wrote: »
    [. . .]
    - Scythe style page for staffs
    [. . .]

    THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS! If not for Halloween, please consider making it a monster style, at least! I'm already hyped for the Troll King arms set because the staff looks like a glaive.
    PS5 NA
  • Akaviri
    I totally agree with some of the ideas above! Scythe-like staves, maormer polymorphs would be really nice for roleplayers around.

    Also > Dragon warrior costume, permanently on store please! ^^
  • Jaimeh
    It's not very clear because the picture is small, but it would be great to have the curly hairstyle of the character in this artwork for Murkmire:

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