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free falling

Soul Shriven
logging in after being booted be unknown error log in and my char is falling from an unmeasureable distance after a few minute I did hit the ground
  • pgiambal
    Cuz I'm Freeeeee.... Free Fallllllinnnnn

    sorry. cant get song out of my head now.

  • Acidbur626
    I just keep falling and falling and can't do anything! Help!!
  • ZOS_PierreL
    Hello all,

    We would suggest you to try the command /stuck in game to fix your issue.
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  • Ri_Dariit
    This one had that troublesome problem falling off Nirn. Typed /stuck died, and still fell. Ri'Dariit had to log out completely with closing the launcher, then relog and hit the ground. Resurrected then by wayshrine and alive once again!
    Fusozay Var VarJaji kor nirni. Ri'Dariit ahnurr shir Gouranga an vasa rid-t'har.
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