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We can go into dungeons solo. Why kick us when everyone else leaves the group?

Way, WAY too many dungeon quests end with characters jabbering on forever before you can turn in the quest and get your skill point. If your group of randos doesn't care to stick around for you to turn in the quest, you end up having to do the whole thing again to get your skill point. I roll a lot of characters, so this has happened to me a lot. It's super frustrating.

This issue isn't on the people who leave, it's on the system in place. What is the reason for this system in the first place? Is it there to close down instances and save servers? If that's the case, why not just make the timer 5 minutes long or something if removing it all together is completely out of the question. That should give people time to get their skill points or do any looting they missed out on.

I've noticed that new patches have focused a lot on little quality of life changes. This would be a HUGE one to fix. I feel like this has happened to everyone. It's super frustrating. You don't even need to rework systems to fix this. Just make the timer longer and it should be good.
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  • pteam
    Agreed. I got a skill point at the end of a dungeon by the skin of my teeth after everybody in the group had left and like 1 second left before the dungeon kicked me lol
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  • WhiteCoatSyndrome
    Accidentally inflicted this on a guildie once. :cry: They were trying to solo Direfrost Keep but needed someone to help open a door. So I dropped in the help pull the switch, dropped out again...aaand they got kicked from the instance. *headdesk*
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  • shiningforce
    I can agree with this, I sometimes like to run around looking for chests afterwards and everyone leaves so i get kicked. That or I am trying to finish a quest which I could actually solo but everyone bolts before the npcs finish talking so I end up having to ask people to stay in some dungeons just to finish...
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  • tyggerbob
    Especially if you're in the middle of bartering with Nuzemeh to make room for that that last item from the final boss and you turn around to fine the other three speedy Gonzalez's have left and you're being ported back to Deshaan. Or you accidentally click the portal in WGT and port back to the start instead of getting the boss drop..
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