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NGx Unbøund - PVE Guild Looking for Members

I am writing this for a buddy of mine....

NGx Unbøund - Xbox - NA

Looking for a few Range Dps for a weekend core team. The team runs Fri-Sun from 9:30 to 11:30est, sometimes later if team allows. Must be able to make the full schedule. Members have clears in all content just short of VCR +3.

Looking for reliable dps willing to be apart of a team. This is a progression team so a strong stomach is a must.

Great group of individuals willing to help each other grow and succeed.

If interested please message or post a comment.
Looking for at least 45k dps.

Happy raiding!

message GT - miklopz for more info

  • SoLooney
    good luck finding players with hard mode clears in all trials cept vcr plus 3
  • montiferus
    Thanks for your insightful contribution
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