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Veteran Maelstrom Arena rework suggestion

So I've finally done the flawless run on my stamina Nightblade (read no damage shields) and can sport my brand new title,
but going through this experience of trying not to die once in Veteran Maelstrom Arena left me a bit disappointed.

Disappointed in the mechanics of eight out of total nine arenas.
We can all agree that the poison plants inside the Vaults of Umbrage are the best, most fun and skill testing mechanic in the entire arena.
It bothers me that other rounds do not have a mechanic like this so here are my suggestion for the rework.

Stage 1: Vale Of The Surreal
Clanfear jumping on you should leave behind the poison plant if you block their attack.
Maxus the Many should plant a poison plant instead of that silly root mechanic.

Stage 2: Seht's Balcony
The spinning blade things should actually be plates carrying the poison plants on them, and somehow still have the spinning blades idk
Dwarven Sentries should put down a poison plant when they become stationary and get in the position to attack.

Stage 3: Drome Of Toxic Shock
COME ON! This stage is called Drome Of Toxic Shock and it does NOT have poison plants!
Stranglers should shoot out poison plant seeds that bud into poison plants after 5 seconds.
That stupid boss poison AoE attack that does poor damage should be, guess what, a poison plant!

Stage 4: Seht's Flywheel
Dwarven Sentries should act the same as Venomcallers from stage 7 when they get the damage shield.
Mini Bosses should yell nonsense a bit less. Thanks.

Stage 5: Rink of Frozen Blood
Now this one is frozen, and plants have a hard time growing on frozen lakes and icebergs, but I have a solution!
Troll Breakers should carry poison plants on them!

Stage 6: Spiral Shadows
Hoarvors should drop a poison plant in case you do not kill them next to an obelisk.
When the swarm attacks the Venomcaller mechanic should also trigger.

Stage 7: Vaults of Umbrage

Stage 8: Igneous Cistern
Fidget Spinners (Dremora Gandrandandrasomething) should act as Venomcallers when they do the spinny flame attack.
If you do not kill the obelisks fast enough during the last bass the Venomcaller mechanic triggers.
Last mini boss and final boss have learned how to animation cancel, thanks for that.

Stage 9: Theater of Despair
Make the Ash Titan the size of a puppy, but still having the same thunderous voice. That'd be pretty funny.
Voriak Solkyn should trigger the Venomcaller mechanic instead of the spinny shield that protects you from falling off the platform. Keep the knockback, use the Psijjic ultimate for something damnit.
Ogrim should shoot out poison plants instead of leaving that sad fire AoE under you.

Thank you for reading!
Hope you enjoyed my suggestions to improving the Veteran Maelstrom Arena experience!
This is a joke of course.
Staminga Nightblade Khajiit DPS J'Catt (~45k on a 6 mil dummy)
Can't play anything else.
  • LadyNalcarya
    I agree, but still there's not enough poison plants. Would be much better if all chests would have poison traps on them and the last chest would have a chance to have a bomb inside of it instead of a Maelstrom weapon.
    Dro-m'Athra Destroyer | Divayth Fyr's Coadjutor | Voice of Reason

  • The_Protagonist
    RNG mechanics really suck.
  • Drummerx04
    Someone really likes being poisoned while trying to get Flawless!

    10/10 make it happen ZOS
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  • Sparr0w
    It's not that deep...
    @Sparr0w so I get the notification
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    DD: MagPlar | StamNB
    Tank: DK
    Completions: N/A
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