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Vivec Server on EU megaserver

Can you do something about the extreme lag on this campaign on the EU server? I haven't had much trouble before but the thing is so bad now I can't even use abilities, there are time I am 250+ latency in an empty keep on this thing! It is really bad now which is a shame as it is the most fun to play. It has got to the point I have stopped paying for the game and I imagine other people will get fed up with it too very soon, so it is in your best interest to INVEST IN THE SERVERS!!!! instead of bringing out content nobody really cares about.
  • Thlepse
    lots of people unsubbed from eso+ already, and more left the game entirely, sadly they will never dedicate resources towards the latency issues in cyrodil, because the dedicated pvp playerbase is a tiny fraction of the pve left click spamming playerbase (even noncp gets unplayable lag these days). Maybe once enough people leave the game they will try to do something about the servers.
  • DivineFirstYOLO
    @Magilacuddy vivec was always a place of lag, but if you are talking about the increase of lag the last few days/week, then I have to say I had the same experience.. especially sotha sil - where I usually have no lags at all even when there are 100 people around - was laggy as hell. Something changed or got ruined.. I hope they reverse it.

    @ZOS_BrianWheeler : something is wrong the last couple of days :-(
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  • Starlight_Knight
    its true, i love pvp in EU vivec and am always in the top 30, but its so infuriating to keep playing, especially with all the crazy in-balances atm.
    i unsubbed as well. i really love this game but pvp not only needs its stupid lag fixing but also a serrious comabt rework on most classes and get rid of crap proc sets.
    As a solo player it feels like not only are you always fighting out numbered but your fighting against the servers as well. constantly getting stitched up with skills graying out or unable to fire / break free.
    then you get t-baged.. good game.
  • Biro123
    Couldn't agree more.

    There are already numerous threads on it - AS THERE SHOULD BE.

    Honestly, my available playtime is potentially from 6pm to 11pm. (more often from 8-11)

    But more and more I'm logging off due to lag - usually not long after 7pm. So I get maybe an hour to play - and I can't start that early every day - so basically I've gone from playing 3 hours maybe 4-5 days a week to playing for 1 hour for maybe 2-3 days per week.. Al because of the lag.

    Pretty shocking value for money given the subscription fee...

    Zos - fix your broken game.
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  • Chaos2088
    Yeah it has been really bad lately, yesterday was kicking me off every single fight. Gave up in the end.
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  • oxygen_thief
    i haven't played in cyro since morrowind patch. who cares?
  • VagabondAngel
    i haven't played in cyro since morrowind patch. who cares?

    Enough people that the population of all 3 factions is locked at Primetime. More people would care if the server stability was better and, like it or not, the PvP combat in ESO is still about the best of any MMO.
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