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Downloading issues

Soul Shriven
Ok I been trying to download this game for the last two days and am only at 14%. My internet speed is good and I can download a digitial movie 12 times over in the time its taken to get to 14%. Why is it so slow? hooking directly to the modem does not improve the speed at all.
  • SlickReed
    same for me WTF
  • Max_Wolf
    Same here, stuck on 11%. My internet downloads slow, but it's been stuck for two days.
  • Midnightbottle
    least you can get to downloading mines stuck at the *** update screen.
  • ZOS_BillE
    Greetings Everyone!

    We understand it can be frustrating when the download is running slowly. There are several troubleshooting steps you can try which may get the speed to pick back up.

    1. You should try disabling the firewall and anti-virus. Default Windows firewalls will come on automatically after others are disabled, so keep in mind that the Windows firewall may need to be disabled, too. Always remember to turn them on again after the download completes.

    2. Make sure all the required ports are open through the router, as blocked ports can severely hamper download times. The ports you will need open are listed below.

    24100 through 24131
    24500 through 24507

    3. In your Control Panel, you can click on "Internet Options" to make changes on the following two tabs:

    Connections Tab: Click on the LAN Settings button. When the LAN Settings window appears, uncheck all the boxes and click on OK. Ensure that Automatic configuration Script and Proxy Server are disabled (unchecked).

    Advanced Tab: Click on the Reset button, and then click on Reset again.

    You can then restart your computer to ensure that the changes take effect, and then restart the game launcher.

    4. Try bypassing the router and plugging the computer in directly to the internet source to improve download speeds.

    Download speeds are directly related to internet connection speed. If the overall connection speed seems slow, you can verify it through a third party source like SpeedTest. This site, and many others, will calculate internet connection speed (higher numbers are better). If the overall internet connection speed is slow, we recommend that you contact your Internet Service Provider and have them troubleshoot the connection with them.

    Please let us know if any of these steps helps you successfully finish the download.
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  • Bringen_DaPayne
    Soul Shriven
    well I did all that and checked speed test..i should NOT be having this issue at all. so what else you got for resolution
  • Teltur
    I did all this steps and no more than 130-200 Kb/s gives me a 5Mb/s speed
  • kickamyassa_ESO
    It could be your isp throttling traffic, we have no net neutrality now. Your isp is greedy and can limit your speeds (for certain websites or applications) until either zenimax pays them off or they extort more money from customers. pretty much this.
  • archraider
    What can we do to speed up the download if I'm on a Mac? Its been almost 24 hours and I am at 15%. I could have just waited till the actual game came out and installed it faster with a DVD. I thought I was going to be able to play early access.
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