Setting the Music For Your Home

I was wondering if there would be a way to set the OST that plays in the background in your home. I know in older MMO's one could set the OST--i think it would be an awesome feature! For instance, I want to listen to music from Auridon while I''m in my home in the Daggerfall Outlook
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  • rexagamemnon
    A music playing bard like TES5 would be cool
  • Wreuntzylla
    Hmm, would love if you could add music files from your computer. The theme from Conan would start every time someone entered my property.

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  • BretonMage
    Auridon's music would actually be perfect for homes. I love hearing it in the Golden Gryphon room, so glad it plays there instead of Summerset's music.

    I wish we could customise all the music in the game tbh. I loved Morrowind's main menu music so much.
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  • Zariah
    Omg yes, this could be so cool. Add tavern music to a player home you made into a tavern etc. Would be absolutely fantastic :D
  • withermane
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    I've played around quite a lot with WildStar™'s home creation, and one of the aspects that I really enjoyed was the ability to set ambient music for your homestead. Some were even purchasable with real money through their in game store.

    I would really appreciate it, if ZOS can make this a feature with housing as well, to give us the ability to select OSTs to choose for our homes. It really sets the tone and feeling for a house if coupled with good in-game existing music.
  • Glaiceana
    Yes this would be a great option!
    Also it would be nice to place sound assets too, for different effects. Such as running water, birds, creaking sec.
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  • Apollosipod
    I'd love to be able to have Bards or nature sounds be something I choose for my home. Otherwise I've just used Spotify playlists...a poor man's bard.

    I think the bars would be one of the best options, though. They already exist in the world so it isn't new programming AND it would really add some life to the houses.
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