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The Mists of Tamriel Recruiting Now

looking for a guild? No worries The Mists of Tamriel want you!! We're simply a relaxed place to hang out, chat, meet new people, and have a good time. We run PvE/PvP Trials Vets you name it! We'll be running weekly events for PvP and PvE. Come chat with us and leave those boring solo runs behind you. No toxic behavior will be accepted. We are currently very small, and I am looking for core members to help me recruit and grow. Hoping to build a friendly environment for people to explore Tamriel together and learn from each other. We do have a BAND page.

We would like people 18+ please
No dues

If you need any more information feel free to contact me on here or message me on xbox GT- i SpaDoinkle i
  • Lateralus1618
    Soul Shriven
    Lateralus 1 618
  • ChurninButta
  • Cresc3ndo
    Soul Shriven
    Hey, send me an invite if you would. I would love to join your guild.

    Gamertag: Cresc3ndo
  • ChurninButta
    Be on in 10 min
  • AstinusofPalantas
    Soul Shriven
    Hi. Am interested to join.

    Gamertag: adrianisaiah.

    Thank you.
  • ChurninButta
    sending now
  • sciferlogical
    Soul Shriven
    Interested if you are still recruiting .. GT is Sicfer Logical
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