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Can't access Summerset with 2nd account?

Soul Shriven
I have 2 user profiles on one machine, but 2nd user can't access Summerset, even though with 1st user account being primary. So how do I fix this without having to purchase the same game again?
  • Sparr0w
    Expansions link to the account from what I'm aware, only base games are shared. Correct me if I'm wrong tho.
    @Sparr0w so I get the notification
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  • Rittings
    Yup, you have to buy it for EVERY profile... if you have kids - like so many do that want to play - it's going to set you back about $300 all up.

    It's a horrible setup for customers. Of all the games I play, ZoS are the only ones with this business model.

    Watch how FDev do it with Elite Dangerous. You buy the base game and first expansion - all expansions that have followed have since be free so long as you purchased that first one. People spend TONS of money in their store for aesthetics and stuff. I don't think I've purchased a single aesthetic for ESO... because they already rip money from my hands rather than me giving it over.
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