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Murznikh Clan Recruiting!

Soul Shriven
Hail, followers of Malacath! I, Chieftain Shargrol Murznikh, demands your attention!! The Murznikh Clan (Ebonheart Pact) is recruiting loyal and devout orcs to the new clan.
Our clan's hierarchy is stupid simple as well.

Our Clan is also heavily involved in PvE every day of the week, from Vet Dungeons to material grinding. There will be a Warband dedicated to PvP once we get enough member.

Chieftain: In addition to running his own Warband like the Warchiefs, the Chieftain is the overall leader of the Clan, handles all dealings with organizations outside of the clan, plans and organizes major events, and has the final say in most matters.

Loot Officer: Most trusted Orc loyal to the Chieftain. The Loot Officer is the orc in charge of the loot (Guild Bank)

Warchief: In charge of 5 Warbands. Warchiefs assist the Chieftain in organizing major events, are held responsible for their Warband's strength, and are advisors to the Chieftain.
(Warbands are no more than 20 orcs and 5 healers, including the Warchief)

Shaman: Non-orc healer in charge of the healers.

Elite Warrior: Reliable Orcs who are active and mostly consistent. Elite Warriors are responsible for leading small-scale events, assisting the Warchiefs in building clan strength, and participating actively in major Clan events.

Healer: Those non-orcs that provide combat support (heals) during Clan Events.
( for each 5 orcs in the clan, there is 1 non-orc healer)

Grunt: New unproven Orcs that make up the majority of our numbers.

If an Orc wishes to rise in the ranks while no vacant slots exist, they may challenge an Orc for their position. This includes the Chieftain positionl, but excludes the Healer position as this is reserved for non-orcs.

To challenge for a rank, an Orc must be one rank lower than the one they are going for, and they must win 2 out of 3 of the following:
-1v1 duel
-Chieftain's approval
-Unanimous approval of existing Warchiefs

Our clan kicks members off the roster that are inactive for 30 days.

If you wish to join the Murznikh Clan or want more info, message the Chieftain on XBox.

GT: HolyTemplar1189
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