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A Solution to the PS4 exploiters

So I'm new to the whole trader scene. I've done most everything else in this game... or tried at least ;) played since launch, one of first vma clears, one of first flawless conqs. Love the game.

Lately, however, the thought of building a legit trader and pushing these guys running the ps4 market with bots, hundreds of accounts collecting hirelings, and ghost guilds out of our beautiful game has me on a mission... In fact the thought of doing this alone is consuming enough that I pay for 4 separate ESO subscriptions (four different people playing on four different accounts at separate times, mind you, on 2 separate systems). Every extra $ we get goes towards our new guild because my GF is a new gamer and this stuff is very therapeutic for someone who has been through,
in life, what she has. She absolutely loves eso. We're here until it's done! And we will aquire every darn attunable! So at least five guilds worth of people can be bullyfree in this shady market...

Recently I started undercutting these unsavory types throughout the market and openly addressing their shinanigans. Now because I pose an ingame threat for exposing the gold sellers... And yes I know who most are and would gladly give their psns if proper investigation was implemented, I have been collecting data on all of these people for 6 months... (guys, these guys are literally making thousands a month off of you just for running exploits... with no taxes to them or through the network, or even going to you. there is violation on many different levels the go beyond teso) During that crazy daily event these people used ghost accounts to do crafting dailies to gain thousands of motifs. 100 accounts x 8 character x 6 writs a day x 3 weeks x 100 people- motifs to last a lifetime. Where do you store them? Shared bankspace... How do we ensure ours sell? Buy up all traders- we have guilds of ghosts to sell the exploited motifs. Trade for mats, we have a whole market to sell at our rate and kick anyone who doesn't follow. All the while they control market on all fronts. I have evidence supporting this, but if you tasked one gm to comb the data he would probably ban every main trade guild leader in game. Total sham and a shame thats its this out of control.

One guy in particular is running pvp guilds and selling emporer titles by having his officers steer their guilds into directions that allow emporship even for zerg surfing bombers. He works with the largest trade guild and pve guild selling runs and pushing emporer for millions. All while exploiting every member in his roster (manipulating them for irl $ gain) and working with other alliances. In game he openly speaks against this stuff, but that is not the case and I can back this claim up. You want names, ZoS, just ask :)

One guy sold 130 million gold for 37 $ a million in 2 days back after this event. Next day there was like 40 psns running in auridon at once, all with mods to kill wolves. Modded controllers run about 40 bucks, new ps4 200, new tv 50... Hummmm. How?? I know which player did this and who his affiliates are. For openly addressing the topic I'm pretty sure I was probably reported back, by the bullys who have heaps of people at their disposal to report on a whim, or any sign you're not following their rules.

Shoot, hire me. I'll work for free, literally, to clean this game up. I see through all the bs.

You guys have the largest trade/pvp/pve guilds all bidding on spots everywhere and then reselling them for multiple millions of gold.

Originally a fella got his gold from exploits. Scrap farming and selling vma runs for multiple millions, then running mournehold mafia and making alligence to all guilds who are in power today. These are the guys and gals who really run your game while you sell crowns. Understandable, but if you want longevity, then let's talk change!

For six months or more I have grinded and saved with my girlfriend. Everything we could find. Not a single piece of gear upgraded. Along the line played the game of "keep your friends close and your enemies closer" and now that Summerset is dropped I'm here with 6 months worth of names and no resolution.

So I'm starting a trader and we will market to any new players who have more than 1 trophy. We will deliver you at a hugely reduced cost anything you can imagine if you stop buying goods from these guys who think they're so hot because they can exploit on a video game with no punishment.

If ZoS won't clean their game up, I will. These people will try their best to stop my goals, but ultimately I'll win. So they better fill out their resumes, goldsell dies today.

[Edit to remove naming and shaming]
Edited by ZOS_AntonioP on July 2, 2018 12:14AM
  • TribunalTemplar
    If you don't want to ban botters, at least make market fair. Eliminate house cuts and have a % go to guild point of something. These point effect that guilds standings and even the bids the can put out. Why have tax and house cut. Just go one way or the other. If housecut prevails have the guild be taxed, not player selling. The trading location could reflect this. Small locations have small player or fee, so they can build.
  • TribunalTemplar
    Lastly, I will say that these guys anticipating you ruining goldselling will your crate program. They're publically trying to take your customers to another new game in hopes to profit there. I have proof of this and which guild leaders do it.

    No reason these people shouldn't be gone. They're 90% 5 star people who have also played since launch

    [Edit to remove naming and shaming]
    Edited by ZOS_AntonioP on July 2, 2018 12:20AM
  • Tezz001
    Good luck with trying to get ZoS to listen, my experience in this matter is one of disappointment, but just how does Zos any developer prevent or stop the exploit of in game trade system or the selling of achievements like emperor!

    There was a time when I was getting dozens of Psn messages weekly offering me gold for cash, and I would tell them to lose my Psn and then I’d block them, if their accounts got banned they would just create new accounts and carry on.

    You idea of setting up your own trade guild won’t make a difference unless you can vet every single member and know that each and everyone of them will follow the rules and common sense of fair gaming.

    But please Zos, do start trying to ban these exploits and exploiters, and name and shame them, ban them and console level, so making a new account won’t get them around any ban. Make it expensive to run their exploits
  • TribunalTemplar
    Zos has tried! More recently with their changes they have almost killed the gold sale, but it is now on the community IMO
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