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Dragon knight Stam damage build

I have a dragon knight with 103cp all attributes is in Stanina and was wondering what abilities shoukd i invest in and what armor i should go for any help thanks NA Region Xbox one Gamertag Crusheddogman.

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  • mr450degrees
    thanks A lot guys i really appreciate the feedback and help will do i been girding a bit i'm now Cp145 just a lil more to go
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  • Asardes
    The builds out there are mostly for experienced players, that play in well coordinated trail groups. For beginners, players who PuG or play solo, those builds are less than ideal, due to insufficient sustain, healing and burst. They are also dependent on using potions, which are rather expensive for new players, to get important buffs such as Major Brutality and Savagery. One simple build that I still use when going solo or clearing vMA on my DK is the 2H/Bow one:

    Reverse Slice | Brawler | Venomous Claw | Flames of Oblivion | Rally || Flawless Dawnbreaker
    Poison Injection | Endless Hail | Rearming Trap | Noxious Breath | Molten Armaments* || Corrosive Armor**
    * or Resolving Vigor if you feel you don't have enough healing
    ** or Ballista if you need high single target burst or Standard of Might if you need AoE

    Buff: Rally -> Bar Swap -> Molten Armaments ->
    Rotation: Light Attack -> Noxious Breath -> Light Attack -> Rearming Trap -> Light Attack -> Endless Hail -> Light Attack -> Poison Injection -> Bar Swap -> Heavy Attack -> Brawler -> Heavy Attack -> Venomous Claw -> Light Attack -> Flames of Oblivion [repeat, reapply buffs every 2nd or 3rd rotation]. In execute phase (target <30%) do Heavy Attack -> Reverse Slice 3x instead of the usual front bar rotation.

    This build has all the important buffs:
    - Rally - Major Brutality (+20% Weapon Damage)
    - Molten Armaments - gives +40% damage to your heavy attacks, also gives Minor Brutality (+5%) weapon damage from class passive Eternal Mountain
    - Flames of Oblivion - Major Savagery (+10% Weapon Critical) and Major Prophecy (+10% Spell Critical)
    - Noxious Breath - AoE Major Fracture (-5280 physical resistance on target) and also 30% snare from Warmth class passive.
    - Rearming Trap - Minor Force (+10% critical hit bonus) and also immobilizes a target
    The other skills just do damage, mostly DoT (Damage over Time)

    Gear is less important, just be sure you wear at least 5 medium armor for class passives. Be sure to only start crafting/farming/buying armor when you reach CP160, since that's the maximum level for gear, and once obtained you can keep using it indefinitely. My recommendation is to go 1 Light 5 Medium 1 Heavy or 5 Medium 2 Heavy for extra resources. This is easy to achieve if you use one crafted and 1 dropped set.

    A good beginner combo is 5 Hunding's Rage (crafted, 6 traits) and 5 Spriggan's Thorns (dropped in Bangkorai). Hunding: Heavy: chest, light waist, medium feet, all divines, maximum stamina enchantment, 2H sword infused or nirnhoned, berserker or poison enchantment, Bow infused, berserker enchantment. Spriggan: Jewelry (drops wit robust) with weapon damage enchant, divines hands and legs drop with stamina enchants. Provisionally you can also craft head and shoulder from another set. I recommend crafting the latter at CP150 and leaving them blue, since they are sort of throw away, only to be used till you get a decent monster set. Since at low CP you'll be low health, that's what you should focus on, so an easily accessible set is Ashen Grip (craftable, 2 traits), also craft those in divines and enchant with maximum stamina.

    Since you should have plenty of penetration already, you can use Warrior mundus. You'll do heavy attacks so sustain won't be a problem either, and you can use blue maximum health and stamina food. This is a bit problematic until you hit CP150, since you'll have to learn recipes and craft various tiers (or have someone crafted for you) so I actually recommend getting a few dozen Orzorga's Tripe Trifle Pocket to use till you hit the maximum tier, since it scales to your level; the recipe is easily obtainable from a quest in Wrothgar (Orsinium DLC) or simply buy it off guild traders or have someone craft it for you.
    Beta tester since February 2014, played ESO-TU October 2015 - August 2022, currently on an extended break
    vMA (The Flawless Conqueror) | vVH (Spirit Slayer & of the Undying Song) | vDSA | vAA HM | vHRC HM | vSO HM | vMoL | vAS+1 | Emperor

    PC-EU CP 3000+
    41,000+ Achievement Points before High Isle
    Member of:
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    Traders of the Covenant: God of Sales
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    Valinor Overflow: Trader
    The Traveling Merchant: Silver

    Asardes | 50 Nord Dragonknight | EP AR 50 | Master Crafter: all traits & recipes, all styles released before High Isle
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    Dro'Bear Three-paws | 50 Khajiit Nightblade | AD AR 20 |
    Veronique Nicole | 50 Breton Templar | DC AR 20 |
    Sabina Flavia Cosades | 50 Imperial Warden | EP AR 20 |
    Ervesa Neloren | 50 Dark Elf Dragonknight | EP AR 20 |
    Fendar Khodwin | 50 Redguard Sorcerer | DC AR 20 |
    Surilanwe of Lillandril | 50 High Elf Nightblade | AD AR 20 |
    Joleen the Swift | 50 Redguard Templar | DC AR 20 |
    Draynor Telvanni | 50 Dark Elf Warden | EP AR 20 |
    Claudius Tharn | 50 Necromancer | DC AR 20 |
    Nazura-la the Bonedancer | 50 Necromancer | AD AR 20 |

    Tharkul gro-Shug | 50 Orc Dragonknight | DC AR 4 |
    Ushruka gra-Lhurgash | 50 Orc Sorcerer | AD AR 4 |
    Cienwen ferch Llywelyn | 50 Breton Nightblade | DC AR 4 |
    Plays-with-Sunray | 50 Argonian Templar | EP AR 4 |
    Milariel | 50 Wood Elf Warden | AD AR 4 |
    Scheei-Jul | 50 Necromancer | EP AR 4 |

    PC-NA CP 1800+
    30,000+ Achievement Points before High Isle
    Member of:
    Savage Blade: Majestic Machette

    Asardes the Exile | 50 Nord Dragonknight | EP AR 30 |
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  • mr450degrees
    Thanks i got a friend making the hunding rage set for me now appreciate it everyone
  • mr450degrees
    I didn't think i would get this much help i really appreciate it thanks a bunch really detailed
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