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Wolves of Helhiem recruiting endgame players

Wolves of Helheim is a small but social guild who is looking to grow on the EU server. We are looking to recruit chill, patient, and endgame ready players to our guild. We are looking to do more vet endgame content without having to pull from other guilds. We do both pvp and pve and would love to have some more awesome people to help us grow and complete the harder aspects of the game. If you’ve got a free guild spot and think you could help us let me know. We also try to have a regular guild trader each week.
  • WoppaBoem
    If you guys need a strong Tank invite me #WoppaBoem
  • DivineOne1991
    WoppaBoem wrote: »
    If you guys need a strong Tank invite me #WoppaBoem
    Will send you an invite once I log in. Servers have booted me out so waiting to get back in soon.
  • DivineOne1991
    WoppaBoem wrote: »
    If you guys need a strong Tank invite me #WoppaBoem
    I tried to send you an inv but you are full on guilds
  • FuricStorm
    Soul Shriven
    Just recently got back into playing ESO and I’m thinking about finding a guild to join. Been playing the game since it first came out on xbox one and I’ve finished the main story for my alliance. Recognise your guild name from seeing the trader before. If you’re still looking for members let me know.
    Edited by FuricStorm on June 22, 2018 3:45PM
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