ESO Plus time disappeared?

Soul Shriven
On June 17, 2018, I redeemed a 60 day eso plus code on my account and it worked fine. Today, I activated the humble monthly code that had a vanity pet, 15 days of eso plus and 750 crowns. I thought this would add on to my 57 remaining days of eso plus and I would have a total of about 71-72 days. However, now it says I have 14 days left. What happened to my other 57 days? It looks like it disappeared since now it says I have 14 days left.

I already sent a ticket to support, but did I make a mistake in redeeming the humble monthly code while I still had 57 days of eso plus left? Has this happened to anyone before? I am on steam, but I redeemed these codes through the eso site.

My ticket number is: 180620-001312
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