A book and it's cover ...

Where to find this quest ?

I can't find Bailiff Naramin or Choixth

Any help please
  • vacantdoll
    There was a post of this but I cannot find it. I found Choixth at Russafeld Heights Wayshrine. Just teleport from a different wayshrine back and forth to Russafeld and do it like 5 times. I got lucky and got it 5 times in a row doing this method. Also, Choixth is on the right side of the wayshrine when you spawn you will hear her and Bailiff talking.
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  • SugaComa
    Thanks you so much
  • LadyDestiny
    So been trying to catch these npc's for some time now. I finally load in to hear them arguing, but guess what? They are invisible. Reloading causes them to disappear. Zos please fix........
  • SugaComa
    Yeah I'm having same problems ... Can hear them can't see them a religious gets me other NPC s arguing ... So frustrating
  • TheCyberDruid
    I have also found them a bit south/south east of Ebon Stadmont wayshrine.
  • Aurrynthea_Drake
    I screwed up and missed the bailiff now unable to advance how do I fix this of an a screwed now?
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