ESO Plus Buy One, Get One Free Offer - I haven't gotten anything!

I received an email with the special offer - ESO Plus Buy One, Get One Free Offer!
We'd like to reach out and offer you a special one-time only, buy one month, get one month free ESO Plus membership deal.
For more information about this special offer, or for information about our Crown Store gifting program, simply reply to this email.

So I bought one month of ESO Plus membership, but I haven't gotten the one extra month for free!

So I replied this email twice - everytime I received almost immediatelly the answer saying: Status: Closed - Duplicate
but no response from anybody.

I tried to fill the customer support form in the game - no response either.

It seems I was deceived.

You are the only luck, that I have spent 1800 hours with this game and I love this game. Or else I would stop playing and stop paying my money to you.

No response whatsoever, I will probably never get the month for free. You will not probably miss my money. I thought I was your paying customer. Am I really nothing to you?
Action stations, action stations. Set condition one throughout the ship. This is not a drill.
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