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Returning to ESO after more than 4 years, really need some help : )

Hello everyone : ) Today i've decided to return to ESO after more than 4 years. I've reached lvl 50 on 30/04/2018, that's what the achievement says : )
Since this game has changed a loooot since the last time i played it i would really appreciate if you could give me some answers : )

1. I think i read somewhere that if i want to play game on Steam i have to buy steam version of game (I purchased my imperial edition on ESO site back then, there was no steam version). I'm fine with that, i will purchase ESO+Summerset on Steam. Will i be still able to play with my main character when i login over Steam? And will i receive Morrowind included or not?

2. I logged in using ESO client, and i realised that all my skill and attribute points have been reset. I play imperial dragonknight lvl 50 (20 champion points). I believe many builds have been changed a lot, so where could i get some info on how to attribute all those skill points?

3. I checked my Bank and i have 10.imperial motif, plus 11, 12, 13 and 14. Are there any worth now?

4. Back then , there wasnt any subscription. If i buy Summerset now, do i have to pay for premium sub as well? DLC will not be available even if i have Summerset?

5. I remember having some researches running every day, are they also gone and reset?

6. And most important question - What do you suggest me to do first? I found myself in Rivenspire, with some (i guess) old equipment on myself, and having 20 champion points next to my name in upper left corner, having no idea what it means. Should i go and level DLC stuff, or maybe Morrowind, or Summerset?

My guild shows also 0 members, so i have to find a new one.

I'm all into PVE stuff, so if there's anything useful that you could share with me, it would help a lot, since i have no clue where to start now and what to do, these 4 years feel like 40 years, as i forgot everything about the game : )

  • profundidob16_ESO
    1. Yes I think it would be possible if you apply or your steam bought gamecodes onto your existing ESO account. You need to merge them basically


    3. Use the "awesome merchant" addon ingame to determine the current market value

    4. The DLC's are unlocked as long as you have ESO+, full expansions (summerset/morrowind ) are not have to be bought. more info on ESO website

    5. What was researched succesfully should still be so today. not reset

    6. Read up bigtime on AlcastHQ and other popular to realize what is out there currently today. You'll be shocked. Then you can decide what you want to spend your next 146734654365623456457673766876436 days on: crafting ? Raiding ? soloing overland ? dungeoncrawling with random groups ? Lots of options nowadays

    random pug raid groups are typically advertised in Craglorn. the rest in main town zone chat. Welcome back and good travels to you !
  • zaria
    Keep your old guild if you can use the guild bank :)

    Imperial is worth around 100K on PC / EU. if you are low on gold sell it to buy stuff like inventory and bank space.
    You can always buy another one later then you get more gold.

    Else do as OP says
    and you do that you want to do but your first milestone is to reach cp160 who is gear cap, you current gear is probably good enough for overland and normal dungeons if its set and not just random junk.
    You will want to replace it a couple of times before cp160,

    Explore and do some quests to get an feel of the game again,
    random dungeons is an nice way to level as it give a lot of xp, make sure to select normal and not veteran who is default above 50.

    Join some guilds start with one trade guild and one social pve one.

    Grinding just make you go in circles.
    Asking ZoS for nerfs is as stupid as asking for close air support from the death star.
  • RavenSworn
    I believe access to guild Bank is restricted to having at least 10 players in the guild. If you don't have it, feel free to leave and join a new one as you can join up to 5 player guilds! (like mine, yes shameless advert)

    Afaik, you can't merge the steam codes anymore but I could be wrong.

    Ingame: RavenSworn, Pc / NA.

    Of Wolf and Raven
    Solo / Casual guild for beginners and new players wanting to join the game. Pst me for invite!
  • CrazYDunm3r
    Also, if you play on EU I know some good PVE Guild that is very friendly and eager to help people. Send a mail to @LeilaHella (tell her I recommended you) or me @CrazYDunm3r .

    I hope you will enjoy the game again!
    Ƹ== Glorious Wingtard ==Ʒ
    Triggered Tryhards
  • Ixinho
    RavenSworn wrote: »
    Afaik, you can't merge the steam codes anymore but I could be wrong.

    can someone confirm this? if i cant buy on steam , log in with my eso account, and continue playing my char, no point in buying then . .
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