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Have you stopped caring about exclusive stuff?

  • eso_nya
    Mavloc wrote: »
    I'm at a point where whenever I see a Radiant Apex mount in game, rather than saying:
    "Wow! That guy got a Radiant Apex Mount!"

    It's more like:
    "Lol, that dude wasted a crapload of money."

    Anyone else? I feel like Zos has taken the concept of exclusivity and rammed it 20,000 feet through the ground.

    99% of the "special" mounts make think: "Wow thats one ugly mount, i hope he got it from free crate and didnt waste any money on it."

    But that might be just me valuing stuff for looking nice and not because its rare or hard to get or a certain brand or any of the cheap excuses why same stuff has different pricetag.

    Concerning crown crates: Im not sad that they failed to bring anything i desired. Otoh, there is so many cool animals in the game, why do u keep reskinning the same few year old mounts?
  • Delgent
    I've always been a collector in MMOs. I bought everything that came out, but only direct purchase stuff. When I left WoW for ESO, I owned one of everything in the WoW store.

    When crown store stuff started coming out, I fed at that trough too...until crates happened. That's when I realized that I wasn't willing to spend that amount of money to try and get everything. As time has gone by, I find I'm buying less and less from the crown store. I can't collect it all anymore, so the draw for direct buys has diminished as well. I have my sub and enjoy the game, but really don't pay much attention to the crown store. It's overpriced, and doesn't bring any additional enjoyment at the prices they charge.

    So yes, I have stopped caring about exclusive stuff. I don't care about it, and don't really pay any attention to what other people are riding or wearing anymore. At some point, ESO will shut down, and all the exclusive stuff will just disappear anyway.
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  • Andauril
    I never cared about the Apex Mounts much. I admit I bought some crown crates before but it was always for rewards like costumes or sometimes pets (not apex pets, pets like the Mages Guild Sentry Cat for example). So no, I don't care about exclusive stuff. Unless I personally like it, and then it has nothing to do with it being exclusive.
  • BretonMage
    I've never liked being manipulated by artificial scarcity, so I don't tend to like exclusive stuff - in any of my hobbies. If a product is good, I'll buy it, whether it's exclusive or not, but I tend to be a bit more wary with "exclusives".
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