Stucked while running

Soul Shriven
Some crashes occurred for the last few days when I was playing on PTS. And each time it's the same: my char was running, then - bah! The screen is frozen, no sound from speakers, no response from the game. The only way to restart is to go to Windows, unload TESO from there, then reload
  • Galarthor
    There is also a perhaps related bug, where your character remains in sprinting mode even after you let go of the "sprinting key". As a result you cannot use any abilities and your stamina gets drained.

    This bug has been around on live since before Summerset and still is today. You can get out of the sprinting mode by tapping your sprinting key again. However, in fast paced fights and/or lags this very frustrating bug can easily get you killed. And unfortunately, this bug is occuring very frequently. I have the feeling that it is worse in lag situations such ason Vivec EU during prime time, but I am not really certain since due to my lack of playing during the morning hours or weekdays afternnoons I lack an adequate benchmark.
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