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Random Daily Rewards Bug (BG & Dungeons)

This is the 5th time I've experienced this bug. It does not grant the XP bonus or the daily random item bonus from battlegrounds(a total of 4 random BG in 3 of which I was in the 1st team and 1 in the 2nd, the 5th was a random normal dungeon). I do not receive anything but the regular XP and rewards from doing these. I submitted a ticket and am still waiting for something. It does NOT happen with all my toons though, I get my rewards as usual with some. Hope it just gets fixed next week's patch.
  • Left4Daud
    It happened to me once this week. I queued for both a random normal and a random vet at the same time. I hadn’t done my random yet and was trying to get some experience to level up my skills.

    When we finished the dungeon I didn’t get any bonus experience whatsoever, it was only like 1k exp for killing the final boss. I think it was City of Ash I normal.

    Queued again on the same character for just a random vet and got my purple bonus experience and rewards after that clear.
  • zornitsa
    Soul Shriven
    yes me 3 on 9 char no rewards in daily doungeon...
  • Merlin13KAGL
    They know both are broken...and it will stay in limbo until they patch it.


    No point in doing RDF or BG for the bonus rewards at all right now, as you will not receive them. And confirmed today, it doesn't matter if it's norm or vet. Neither works.
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