Looking for Guild Xbox

New to both the game and Xbox. Looking for fun people to chill with.
  • Rawdoginher
    Gamertag is Rawdoginyou.
  • Apache_Kid
    NA or EU?
  • veekain
    Soul Shriven
    I too am looking for a guild North America gamer tag Vee_Almighty
  • krc2k7
    Soul Shriven
    I am also looking for a guild. new to the game. gt: krc2k7
  • Apache_Kid
    krc2k7 wrote: »
    I am also looking for a guild. new to the game. gt: krc2k7

    If you're new I can craft you a set of training armor if you would like. Send me an Xbox message if you want.

    Gamertag: iTz John Locke
  • chainsawsutcliff
    Soul Shriven
    Also new to the game and looking for a guild GT: chainsawsutclif
  • Arro
    Soul Shriven
    Same here GT: Arro O
  • T2tha0
    Soul Shriven
    Same here: GT T2tha0
  • CackalackySC
    Soul Shriven
    Hey all. I am new to the online game but have completed the main story. I am at Level 50 and CP 334. I am looking for a guild. Also very interested in getting with Ebonheart peeps in Campaign and Alliance Wars. Any assistance is much appreciated.

    Gamertag: CackalackySC
  • karenheroine
    This is my guild, newer and recruiting but willing to help new members :)
    GT KarenHeroin
  • ReignInBlood87

    This is my guild. We are down to earth and have no tolerence for toxic players. Our main goal is to have fun.

    Hail the Dominion! Death to the False Queen!
  • DesirousNine
    Are you still looking to fill a guild slot we just started a new guild called vengeful knights we are looking for active players to help fill our rosters and would be glad to have you on board.
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