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your conjectural structure for an IDEAL RP guild...

so, I've bounced between several "RP" guilds - guilds that were formed with RP ideas in mind...
and I've found each one to embrace *some* features that I find vital to fulfilling and enjoyable RP...and several that were NOT...
so, I wonder what other peoples ideas of...what makes an IDEAL RP guild...for YOU? What are the features you find to be MOST IMPORTANT - and what are the features you could...take it or leave it?

to give an example...

for myself - I find that MUTUAL storytelling is just about the most important aspect of why I might stick around with a particular RP guild. I want to know that *I* have the opportunity to be involved in group stories...AND...at the same time, I would hope that any storyline *I* set up would be expected...to some degree...to INCLUDE other people. In short, I've been a member of several RP guilds that more or less expect me to be an audience to someone else playing out a story they want to play out, and if I don't have the opportunity, to at least some degree, actually have an IMPACT on the story/event/group, then why the hell am I really there except as an ego stroke to the guys on stage?

and so on...

my point being - I'm just curious - what makes the IDEAL rp guild setup for any of you? What is it you EXPECT from an RP guild to satisfy both YOUR needs, and the needs of the people around you?
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  • SpiderSensei
    Soul Shriven
    I agree, mutual story telling. And, I would add immersion. It seems hard to find those that will commit to IC.
  • VaranisArano
    My ideal RP group would be heavily influenced by my experience with D&D, where the more engaged and active all the participants are the better then story turns out.
  • FleetwoodSmack
    I think my ideal preferences would be based on civility and how RPers operate as a whole (both inside and outside the guild).
    • Stories and themes not just revolving around the GMs, stories and themes are inclusive to all.
    • Being mindful of your raiders, they worked hard for their spots in core teams for other guilds.
    • If the theme weeds out Vampires/Werewolves- do so diplomatically. Berating them doesn't make anyone look cool.
    • Embrace RPers that PvP instead of sending them out the door.
    • Be lenient on attendance policies for planned events.
    • Fewer planned events and have more spontaneous ones at designated RP places for the guild.
    • If the theme includes Vampires/Werewolves and you don't want to be part of said guild, move on.
    • Asking OOCly if they're using Vampirism for RP, PvE/PvP, or both.
    • Not mass reporting an AFK person by a quest NPC in a tavern just because they have a winged twilight out.

    A good majority of people were doing the opposite of those things, so I pretty much gave up and left the ESO RP scene and went back to my old RP haunts in a different game- especially since it's being re-released this month.
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  • Marginis
    My ideas are pretty much all Here. The one thing that isn't really detailed is the style of RP. The reason I don't have it all written down is because it does in the end come down to so much nuance, but I really wish there were a guide sometimes. I mean, everyone has their own style, so you can't really say their style of RP is wrong or bad, but I really dislike some less inclusive RP styles. If you have a story going and someone joins in, don't turn them away, work them into the RP. If you have a story in mind, and everyone has their own, don't get frustrated when it's not exactly like you planned - make it work. In the same vein, don't tell other people what their story is. RP is collaborative, not just one person telling everyone else what to do. Like, just be inclusive and welcoming, do everything you can to to keep the RP going. Shutting down RP is the antithesis of roleplaying, y'know?
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