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Inconsistency with 50% Sprint reduction stacking

I was playing around with sets and abilities on the PTS and I noticed an inconsistency with the Race Against Time morph of the Accelerate ability. For those wondering, the Race Against Time morph is supposed to reduce sprint cost by 50% as an additional effect. I combined this morph with the Prisoner's Rags set which also has a reduce sprint cost modifier of 50% for the 5th piece set bonus. However while using these two reductions together, I was still losing a small amount of stamina every second sprinting. (Multiplicative)

For a comparison, I combined the Darkstride set with the Prisoner's Rags (both sets 5 piece reduce sprint by 50% each). When wearing these two sets my stamina cost for sprinting was indeed 0. (Additive)

So why does 50% Darkstride and 50% Prisoner's rags = 0% sprint cost while

50% Race Against Time and 50% Prisoner's rags / or Darkstride = x% stamina to sprint?

Just reporting my findings is all, you are free to test yourself. :smile:

Edit: Updated title and post to reflect posted information. Seems there are some weird quirks with Darkstride and Prisoner's Rags and didn't want to be misleading. I don't think Race Against Time is bugged.

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  • Lightspeedflashb14_ESO
    It is probably multiplicative not additive.
  • casparian
    It is probably multiplicative not additive.

    Apparently it is. But then why isn't Darkstride, which according to the tooltip has the same effect? I take it that was OP's point.

    Presumably whatever contractors ZOS hired to do the coding for Psijic abilities don't know what Darkstride is and weren't around when it is was coded. OP just needs to file a bug report and Darkstride will likely get "fixed" to have the inferior effect Race Against Time does.
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  • RoyJade
    Have you tested race against time + darkstrike ?

    There can be two cases at the moment :
    - Prisoner and Darkstrike are additive and Race multiplicative, so Prisoner + Darkstrike = 0% cost but any of the two + Race = 25% cost
    - Prisoner and Race are multiplicative but Darkstrike is additive and applied after other reduction, so Prisoner or Race + Darkstrike = 0% cost

    In any case there is a bug since all these sources should be multiplicative, if we follow the game's pattern (the non buggued part, of course).
  • ToRelax
    Sprint cost reduction is generally multiplicative. How does Darkstride behave with other sources of sprint cost reduction?
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  • Left4Daud
    ToRelax wrote: »
    Sprint cost reduction is generally multiplicative. How does Darkstride behave with other sources of sprint cost reduction?

    I’m really not sure, all I know is combining Darkstride and Prisoner’s rags results in sprint costing 0 stamina. Any other combination of 50% reduction does appear to be multiplicative.
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