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Shrouded Daggers rework, new zerg buster?

Heres the idea plain and simple.

Stamina is lacking in my opinion when it comes to zerg busting. We have no Vicious Death, we have no magicka detonation and we have no over-tuned pbaoe like EotS.

So to remedy this problem i thought of a solution and that is to rework Shrouded Daggers.

So currently Shrouded daggers once it hits a target it bounces to an additional 2 targets, increasing in damage per bounce. 8 meter radius per bounce.

The proposed rework would be this:

Shrouded Daggers:
  • Fire a secret "splinted" dagger from your sleeve dealing [x] damage.
  • The dagger splits once it hits its initial target, the dagger continues to split after each bounce. Can bounce 4 times. 1-3 meters radius per bounce.

So how this would work, if there is a ball group staying very tight together, i can throw this dagger and it will splinter for each bounce and could hit basically everyone.

The splints would work like this:
  • 1 player - Initial target
  • 2 players - First bounce
  • 4 players - Second bounce
  • 8 players - Third bounce
  • 16 players - Fourth bounce

So theoretically you could hit a total of 31 people if they were very close together. The daggers would not increase in damage to remain balanced. The snare could also be removed. Also note the radius per bounce would be drastically reduced so that this is ment to kill ball groups or zergs for stamina players. The closer together the mass amount of players, the more value this skill gets.

This is only just an example of something that would be cool to see in the game for stamina characters. @Wrobel

Now if people think this is overpowered, just learn to spread out like vicious death or eots. Right?

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  • pcar944
    reverse slice
    Romashka - Warden - PC NA Vivec
  • Asmael
    ... so another Steel Tornado basically?

    I don't see stam builds trying to zerg burst from range, since you drop an ultimate at the same time (DBoS usually), so I don't see this bringing anything to the table - bar a nerfed Shrouded daggers for all other applications.
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