Looking for "Mid-core" trial guild


I am looking for a guild that is more "progressive" than the usual "casual, social" guild that does some rare normal / veteran trial.
However my work schedule and my personal measurable performance, honestly does not suggest me to join an hard core guild, with 4-5 runs a week, minimum 35k DPS and so on.

Therefore I'd love to join an "in between" guild, that achieves trials objectives in a reasonable time (not 3+ months!) without being out of my league.
I main a max CP pet mag sorc, with Ilambris + some set combos (Moondancer, Necropotence, IA and others) + vMA staff.

During trials, I don't mind wiping 50 times, but I do get annoyed when guys talk jokes, talk over raid leader's voice, spam chat with inane stuff and do not stay focused on the objective until it's down.

Preferred trials time at or (better) past 7pm GMT.
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