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The Elder Scrolls Tales of Vanya Daughter of the Sky

Drem Yol Lok. Greetings, Wunduniik ;) The Ultimate Walkthough! Shor's Bones! By Ysmir's beard! Follow the Legendary Tales of Vanyalicious! Nord. Dragonknight Dual Wield Master! A true Daughter of Skyrim! From very moment of the creation until the planes of Oblivion and beyond! :dizzy:

One against all. Light vs Darkness. Witness the struggle,triumph, defeat, anguish, sorrows and terrors of Oblivion,Nirn with me and Vanyalicious!

What to expect? Infinite fun, thrill and a pure Adrenaline Testosterone rush. I do comment a lot! Keep in mind its my first ever walkthrough, 99,9% of the content is completely new to me which makes it even more exciting to watch! Hints,Tips , Tricks, Combat, Crafting! Soon! I am a fast learner!

I am recording absolutely everything. Which means the second I log in my character and the complete progression. There are 15 videos so far. My plan is present the full regions exploration, Level 1- 50. Main Quest, Factions, DLC and every Dungeon if possible, Time shall tell.

Yes. Vahzah, I speak the truth!

May the Gods watch over your battles ,friend!


Here is my latest video! In the video I am Exploring Eastmarch! Within Skyrim once again! Was pricless , A nord in Skyrim. I love Skyrim and was a first time! That was extraordinary! :D

A full playlist! ~
{16 videos so far}

Sincrere Regards <3
Edited by Vanya on March 25, 2018 8:44AM
  • Vanya
    Drem Yol Lok ;) A small update! I have manage to uploaded 25 videos! For now.

    The First one was focused on my alternative character. My personal Reflections and Experience within the Auridion (:

    Of Auridon The Jewel of the Summerset Archipelago and gateway to Tamriel! ~;list=PLKSpvzHbxgbUenl_47ymu2w1tcW58bQGW&amp;index=19

    I shall soon update the post with the precise stats and additional Information.

    Kind Regards!

    Edited by Vanya on March 17, 2018 5:16AM
  • RippingIt
    Welcome to ESO, enjoy your stay! It's so rare to see a person truly enthusiastic about the boundless potential this game has to offer these days.

    You have some quality content, keep up the good work comrade!
  • Vanya
    RippingIt wrote: »
    Welcome to ESO, enjoy your stay! It's so rare to see a person truly enthusiastic about the boundless potential this game has to offer these days.

    You have some quality content, keep up the good work comrade!

    Lot krongrah! A great victory and triumph last night within Aldunz! :D Thanks kindly, I truly appreciate your support and warm words! :) Its rare to find a person with honesty as you. I fully agree on the potential of the game.

    To put it simply Mellon{Friend} It is the most complete MMO I ever played, I knew it on the second day already it shall become my favourite. I was "living and breathing" Skyrim before :D

    I recall the thread once I made about Skyrim, very Long one. I was declared Insane and a troll because of my love to game. It was a true story, It makes one very sad indeed,By Ysmir. There is always someone to ruin it! And If I entangle in long debates it usually ends in fire xD I m trying to steer clear of any trouble.

    It is sorrowful when people often misunderstand the true passion or have such an negative approach to particular games and can see a minor flaw in the ocean of Awesomeness. The lack of comprehension of the vastness and magic within.

    I know it is rare and I know as well why people are a bit perplexed,unused shall I or maybe even overwhelmed by my approach. I can write a lot and I am always completely honest in every post. The forums in general have become very pessimistic and "gloomy" It feels you are flamed even if you love the game which is absurd!

    I will never give up. The first play-through is priceless and I'll record as long as I am able, hopefully my health will improve.
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  • Vanya
    The newest chapter! Level 25 reached! A very intense journey though the three Main quests! Twas a blast! :D;
    Edited by Vanya on March 22, 2018 10:44AM
  • Vanya
    Molag Bal has been Vanquished. The Grand prince of Schemes , Lord of Domination. I am speechless. Overwhelmed and Exhausted to provide any insightful or longer post at the present moment :) have been playing intensively for last seven - eight hours.

    Thirty Chapters/Videos , Around 40+ Hours of the Uninterrupted clean Levelling and Landscape exploration. My first massive tale has been completed. I have only established foothold within the Dawn's Beauty.

    The Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited Standard Edition/NO DLC/Morrowind Chapter by Vanyalicious
    23nd of Rain's Hand,Eastmarch,Windhelm,Tamriel,Nirn.

    ~ 40+ Hours
    ~ Nord. Female. Dragonknight{Draconic Power}/Dual-wield Specialisation/Heavy armour/

    Content Included:

    ~ 30 videos in total {For the present moment}
    ~ Levels 1-28. The Full Main Quest / Faction /Side / Miscellaneous / World Events
    ~ Exploration,.Learning process,Skill trees,Outfits,House previews/Lore Books/Lore in General
    ~ My first ever game-play of the Elder Scrolls and introduction to another "Secondary World"
    ~ Passionate Commentary

    Additional Information:

    Recording Software:

    ~ D3DGear Very fast and Efficient

    Encoding Software:

    ~ HD Video Converter Factory Encoder on occasion

    Camera: Logitech HD Webcam C270

    Graphic Card:

    Radeon (TM) RX 480 Graphic 8GB

    It contains everything from very start{Character Selection Screen} Which means when I log in I play normally For instance, nothing is skipped, unless fast travelling to nearest shrine. Tis a natural progression.

    My Ultimate goal is to record as long as I am able. At least to include Maximum level{50},Whole DLC package Story Quests ,every single zone/region . Morrowind and upcoming Summerset Chapter :)

    By Queen Ayrenn!



    Edited by Vanya on March 23, 2018 8:08AM
  • Vanya
    Rapid Update ~

    The newest and the longest video has been uploaded. Please do wait even hours is indeed on occasion to process up to 1080p quality.;
    Edited by Vanya on March 23, 2018 10:59AM
  • Vanya
    Drem-Yol-Lok! Greetings Wunduniik

    Shor's bones! By Ysmir, Ysgramor and Wuuthrad!. I am incredibly motivated today and inspired En-flamed as Legendary Dragon beyond Mortal comprehension xD

    I have successfully recorded the entire Main Quest Storyline. The latest Story Chapter. ~ Chapter 30

    Tis all there. Not a single second has been skipped nor Corrupted. In entirety the complete Main story. From the Very moment of the Creation until the departure of the last companions, Molagl-Bal's duel and acceptance of Caldwel''s Silver quest.;

    May the Gods watch over your battles, friend!

    Edited by Vanya on March 24, 2018 11:58AM
  • Vanya
    The Alternative Characters Post Spot Reserved.

    Welcome to Cyrodiil! The Introduction to Alliance War. My first tale, Was thrilling, amusing, odd and intense! All the at once I suppose! xD

    Watch 2+ hours of the complete newbie struggling alone with the both Daedra and opposing faction forces :);t=24s
    Alternative Character Lairien of Auridion :D

    The Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited The Wonders of Khenarthi's roost

    By Khali & Shazah!

    Thanks kindly for watching!

    Rid-Thar-ri'Datta shall guide thee (:

    Edited by Vanya on March 26, 2018 11:41AM
  • Vanya
    Faction Quests Post Reserved.


    Aldmeri Dominion — All storyline quests for the Aldmeri Dominion
    Daggerfall Covenant — All storyline quests for the Daggerfall Covenant
    Ebonheart Pact — All storyline quests for the Ebonheart Pact


    The Adventures continue within Stonefalls! Part I! Part II Shall come later on! Fear not!
    Ebonheart Pact Storyline Progression Update ~

    Story Content added:

    To Ash Mountain: Help the Pact troops at Ash Mountain.
    Restoring the Guardians: Restore the two guardians of Balreth.
    The Death of Balreth: Defeat Balreth and end his threat forever.
    In With the Tide: Investigate reports of an invasion force washing up on the shores of Zabamat.
    The Coral Heart: Stop the Covenant from exploiting a powerful artifact.
    To Fort Virak: Assist the Pact troops at Fort Virak.
    Breaking Fort Virak: Help liberate Fort Virak from the Covenant forces.
    Odds: Help the Pact troops get inside Fort Virak's courtyard.
    The General's Demise: Put an end to the Covenant invasion of Stonefalls.
    City at the Spire: Stop the second Brother of Strife from being released in Varanis.
    Aggressive Negotiations: Find out what the Indoril Grandmaster wanted in Kragenmoor.
    Saving the Son: Rescue the missing son of the Dres Grandmaster.
    To the Tormented Spire: Start your ascent of the Tormented Spire.
    Climbing the Spire: Make your way to the top of the Tormented Spire.
    Opening the Portal: Gain access to Sadal's prison.

    Levels 29-31

    Thanks Kindly for watching :)
    Edited by Vanya on March 26, 2018 11:40AM
  • Vanya
    My plan is to include everything I can within my power/possible except PVP content.

    The Main Quest Storyline has been finished. It is complete.

    The full focus on the following quests:

    Faction Quests:

    Aldmeri Dominion — All storyline quests for the Aldmeri Dominion
    Daggerfall Covenant — All storyline quests for the Daggerfall Covenant
    Ebonheart Pact — All storyline quests for the Ebonheart Pact ~ CURRENTLY IN PROGRESS (:

    Either through Cadwell's Almanac /Alternative Character

    Afterwards ~

    Dark Brotherhood — All quests for the Dark Brotherhood
    Fighters Guild — All quests for the Fighters Guild

    Clockwork City ~ Clockwork City (Crown Store) — All quests in the Clockwork City
    Coldharbour — All quests in Coldharbour
    Craglorn — All quests in Craglorn
    Gold CoastDark Brotherhood — All quests in the Gold Coast
    Hew's BaneThieves Guild — All quests in Hew's Bane
    Imperial City ~ Imperial City — All quests in the Imperial City {PVE}
    VvardenfellMorrowind — All quests in Vvardenfell
    WrothgarOrsinium — All quests in Wrothgar

    Chapters ~ Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind.

    June 5 or 6 ~ The Summerset the Exceptional exception due to newest chapter add on. It shall be the Centre of my Attention. Essential:

    Story/Most of the Isle locations/major cities visited/explored.

    Later in 2018 ~


    Mages Guild — All quests for the Mages Guild
    Thieves Guild — All quests for the Thieves Guild
    Undaunted — All quests for the Undaunted


    Miscellaneous Quests — All quests that are not related to any specific faction or location

    World Events — Scripted events that occur throughout the world which are not documented in the Journal


    Everything within my power/exploration and so on...

    Stay tuned. By the Three!


    Edited by Vanya on March 26, 2018 11:56AM
  • Vanya
    By hist Flesh-Walker! I bid thee welcome!

    The Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited The Ultimate Walkthrough Chapter 33;t=7643s

    The culmination of the Stonefalls Story-content {Ebonheart Pact}

    Quests within Deshann ~

    Content covered:

    Opening the Portal: Gain access to Sadal's prison.
    Sadal's Final Defeat: Rebind Sadal and end the threat to Stonefalls.

    A Letter for Deshaan: Deliver a letter to a refugee's cousin in Deshaan.
    Bad Medicine: Discover the source of the Llodos Plague.
    Proprietary Formula: Collect samples of the Maulborn curative.
    Quest For the Cure: Create a real cure for the Llodos Plague.
    The Llodos Plague: Alert the Narsis guard to the Maulborn plot.
    For Their Own Protection: Investigate the disappearances in Narsis.
    Unwanted Guests: Help House Hlaalu prepare to seal the town.
    Fighting Back: Find the location of a secret meeting place.
    Ratting Them Out: Disrupt a meeting of agitated citizens.
    A Timely Matter: Get weapons for townsfolks.
    Hiding in Plain Sight: Help rescue the missing Narsis villagers.
    Tracking the Plague: Track the Llodos Plague across Redolent Loam.
    Death Trap: Find out what's happening in the Obsidian Gorge.
    Payback: Infect the Maulborn with their own plague.
    Plague Bringer: Locate and defeat the creator of the Llodos Plague.
    Message to Mournhold: Take a report of the events at Obsidian Gorge to the Ordinators of Mournhold.
    Required for Cadwell's Almanac A Favor Returned: Register your presence in the Ebonheart Pact's capital.

    The hist shall guide thee.

    The Encapsulation of Taazokaan Volume I ~

    Edited by Vanya on March 27, 2018 2:46PM
  • Vanya
    Of Eso Plus Subscription, Power Ranger outift and Apex Crate rewards!

    Drem Yol Lok! I've opened my first crate and ended indeed with an Apex reward! A Camel!

    ~ ESO Plus Subscription plan {1month}
    ~ Dyeing the armour!
    ~ Additional boxes uncovering!

    The Latest Story video. The Culmination of Ebonheart pact Story Content within Eastmarch!;t=1396s

    The Continuation! End of Worm cult, plots, secrets and so on!
    Edited by Vanya on April 1, 2018 7:56AM
  • Vanya

    ~ Off Gold Coast!
    ~ First venture within Western province of Cyrodil!

    The Dark Brotherhood introduction!

    Fascinated by the beauty and the Architecture! Beyond words!

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