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The Elder Scrolls Tales of Vanya Daughter of the Sky

Drem Yol Lok. Greetings, Wunduniik ;) The Ultimate Walkthough! Shor's Bones! By Ysmir's beard! Follow the Legendary Tales of Vanyalicious! Nord. Dragonknight Dual Wield Master! A true Daughter of Skyrim! From very moment of the creation until the planes of Oblivion and beyond! :dizzy:

One against all. Light vs Darkness. Witness the struggle,triumph, defeat, anguish, sorrows and terrors of Oblivion,Nirn with me and Vanyalicious!

What to expect? Infinite fun, thrill and a pure Adrenaline Testosterone rush. I do comment a lot! Keep in mind its my first ever walkthrough, 99,9% of the content is completely new to me which makes it even more exciting to watch! Hints,Tips , Tricks, Combat, Crafting! Soon! I am a fast learner!

I am recording absolutely everything. Which means the second I log in my character and the complete progression. There are 15 videos so far. My plan is present the full regions exploration, Level 1- 50. Main Quest, Factions, DLC and every Dungeon if possible, Time shall tell.

Yes. Vahzah, I speak the truth!

May the Gods watch over your battles ,friend!


Here is my latest video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jR97wdFnfEo&feature=youtu.be In the video I am Exploring Eastmarch! Within Skyrim once again! Was pricless , A nord in Skyrim. I love Skyrim and was a first time! That was extraordinary! :D

A full playlist! ~
{16 videos so far}

Sincrere Regards <3
Edited by Vanya on March 25, 2018 8:44AM
  • Vanya
    Drem Yol Lok ;) A small update! I have manage to uploaded 25 videos! For now.

    The First one was focused on my alternative character. My personal Reflections and Experience within the Auridion (:

    Of Auridon The Jewel of the Summerset Archipelago and gateway to Tamriel! ~


    I shall soon update the post with the precise stats and additional Information.

    Kind Regards!

    Edited by Vanya on March 17, 2018 5:16AM
  • RippingIt
    Welcome to ESO, enjoy your stay! It's so rare to see a person truly enthusiastic about the boundless potential this game has to offer these days.

    You have some quality content, keep up the good work comrade!
  • Vanya
    RippingIt wrote: »
    Welcome to ESO, enjoy your stay! It's so rare to see a person truly enthusiastic about the boundless potential this game has to offer these days.

    You have some quality content, keep up the good work comrade!

    Lot krongrah! A great victory and triumph last night within Aldunz! :D Thanks kindly, I truly appreciate your support and warm words! :) Its rare to find a person with honesty as you. I fully agree on the potential of the game.

    To put it simply Mellon{Friend} It is the most complete MMO I ever played, I knew it on the second day already it shall become my favourite. I was "living and breathing" Skyrim before :D

    I recall the thread once I made about Skyrim, very Long one. I was declared Insane and a troll because of my love to game. It was a true story, It makes one very sad indeed,By Ysmir. There is always someone to ruin it! And If I entangle in long debates it usually ends in fire xD I m trying to steer clear of any trouble.

    It is sorrowful when people often misunderstand the true passion or have such an negative approach to particular games and can see a minor flaw in the ocean of Awesomeness. The lack of comprehension of the vastness and magic within.

    I know it is rare and I know as well why people are a bit perplexed,unused shall I or maybe even overwhelmed by my approach. I can write a lot and I am always completely honest in every post. The forums in general have become very pessimistic and "gloomy" It feels you are flamed even if you love the game which is absurd!

    I will never give up. The first play-through is priceless and I'll record as long as I am able, hopefully my health will improve.
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  • Vanya
    The newest chapter! Level 25 reached! A very intense journey though the three Main quests! Twas a blast! :D

    Edited by Vanya on March 22, 2018 10:44AM
  • Vanya
    Molag Bal has been Vanquished. The Grand prince of Schemes , Lord of Domination. I am speechless. Overwhelmed and Exhausted to provide any insightful or longer post at the present moment :) have been playing intensively for last seven - eight hours.

    Thirty Chapters/Videos , Around 40+ Hours of the Uninterrupted clean Levelling and Landscape exploration. My first massive tale has been completed. I have only established foothold within the Dawn's Beauty.

    The Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited Standard Edition/NO DLC/Morrowind Chapter by Vanyalicious
    23nd of Rain's Hand,Eastmarch,Windhelm,Tamriel,Nirn.

    ~ 40+ Hours
    ~ Nord. Female. Dragonknight{Draconic Power}/Dual-wield Specialisation/Heavy armour/

    Content Included:

    ~ 30 videos in total {For the present moment}
    ~ Levels 1-28. The Full Main Quest / Faction /Side / Miscellaneous / World Events
    ~ Exploration,.Learning process,Skill trees,Outfits,House previews/Lore Books/Lore in General
    ~ My first ever game-play of the Elder Scrolls and introduction to another "Secondary World"
    ~ Passionate Commentary

    Additional Information:

    Recording Software:

    ~ D3DGear Very fast and Efficient

    Encoding Software:

    ~ HD Video Converter Factory Encoder on occasion

    Camera: Logitech HD Webcam C270

    Graphic Card:

    Radeon (TM) RX 480 Graphic 8GB

    It contains everything from very start{Character Selection Screen} Which means when I log in I play normally For instance, nothing is skipped, unless fast travelling to nearest shrine. Tis a natural progression.

    My Ultimate goal is to record as long as I am able. At least to include Maximum level{50},Whole DLC package Story Quests ,every single zone/region . Morrowind and upcoming Summerset Chapter :)

    By Queen Ayrenn!



    Edited by Vanya on March 23, 2018 8:08AM
  • Vanya
    Rapid Update ~

    The newest and the longest video has been uploaded. Please do wait even hours is indeed on occasion to process up to 1080p quality.

    Edited by Vanya on March 23, 2018 10:59AM
  • Vanya
    Drem-Yol-Lok! Greetings Wunduniik

    Shor's bones! By Ysmir, Ysgramor and Wuuthrad!. I am incredibly motivated today and inspired En-flamed as Legendary Dragon beyond Mortal comprehension xD

    I have successfully recorded the entire Main Quest Storyline. The latest Story Chapter. ~ Chapter 30

    Tis all there. Not a single second has been skipped nor Corrupted. In entirety the complete Main story. From the Very moment of the Creation until the departure of the last companions, Molagl-Bal's duel and acceptance of Caldwel''s Silver quest.


    May the Gods watch over your battles, friend!

    Edited by Vanya on March 24, 2018 11:58AM
  • Vanya
    The Alternative Characters Post Spot Reserved.

    Welcome to Cyrodiil! The Introduction to Alliance War. My first tale, Was thrilling, amusing, odd and intense! All the at once I suppose! xD

    Watch 2+ hours of the complete newbie struggling alone with the both Daedra and opposing faction forces :)


    Alternative Character Lairien of Auridion :D

    The Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited The Wonders of Khenarthi's roost

    By Khali & Shazah!

    Thanks kindly for watching!

    Rid-Thar-ri'Datta shall guide thee (:

    Edited by Vanya on March 26, 2018 11:41AM
  • Vanya
    Faction Quests Post Reserved.


    Aldmeri Dominion — All storyline quests for the Aldmeri Dominion
    Daggerfall Covenant — All storyline quests for the Daggerfall Covenant
    Ebonheart Pact — All storyline quests for the Ebonheart Pact



    The Adventures continue within Stonefalls! Part I! Part II Shall come later on! Fear not!
    Ebonheart Pact Storyline Progression Update ~

    Story Content added:

    To Ash Mountain: Help the Pact troops at Ash Mountain.
    Restoring the Guardians: Restore the two guardians of Balreth.
    The Death of Balreth: Defeat Balreth and end his threat forever.
    In With the Tide: Investigate reports of an invasion force washing up on the shores of Zabamat.
    The Coral Heart: Stop the Covenant from exploiting a powerful artifact.
    To Fort Virak: Assist the Pact troops at Fort Virak.
    Breaking Fort Virak: Help liberate Fort Virak from the Covenant forces.
    Odds: Help the Pact troops get inside Fort Virak's courtyard.
    The General's Demise: Put an end to the Covenant invasion of Stonefalls.
    City at the Spire: Stop the second Brother of Strife from being released in Varanis.
    Aggressive Negotiations: Find out what the Indoril Grandmaster wanted in Kragenmoor.
    Saving the Son: Rescue the missing son of the Dres Grandmaster.
    To the Tormented Spire: Start your ascent of the Tormented Spire.
    Climbing the Spire: Make your way to the top of the Tormented Spire.
    Opening the Portal: Gain access to Sadal's prison.

    Levels 29-31

    Thanks Kindly for watching :)
    Edited by Vanya on March 26, 2018 11:40AM
  • Vanya
    My plan is to include everything I can within my power/possible except PVP content.

    The Main Quest Storyline has been finished. It is complete.

    The full focus on the following quests:

    Faction Quests:

    Aldmeri Dominion — All storyline quests for the Aldmeri Dominion
    Daggerfall Covenant — All storyline quests for the Daggerfall Covenant
    Ebonheart Pact — All storyline quests for the Ebonheart Pact ~ CURRENTLY IN PROGRESS (:

    Either through Cadwell's Almanac /Alternative Character

    Afterwards ~

    Dark Brotherhood — All quests for the Dark Brotherhood
    Fighters Guild — All quests for the Fighters Guild

    Clockwork City ~ Clockwork City (Crown Store) — All quests in the Clockwork City
    Coldharbour — All quests in Coldharbour
    Craglorn — All quests in Craglorn
    Gold CoastDark Brotherhood — All quests in the Gold Coast
    Hew's BaneThieves Guild — All quests in Hew's Bane
    Imperial City ~ Imperial City — All quests in the Imperial City {PVE}
    VvardenfellMorrowind — All quests in Vvardenfell
    WrothgarOrsinium — All quests in Wrothgar

    Chapters ~ Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind.

    June 5 or 6 ~ The Summerset the Exceptional exception due to newest chapter add on. It shall be the Centre of my Attention. Essential:

    Story/Most of the Isle locations/major cities visited/explored.

    Later in 2018 ~


    Mages Guild — All quests for the Mages Guild
    Thieves Guild — All quests for the Thieves Guild
    Undaunted — All quests for the Undaunted


    Miscellaneous Quests — All quests that are not related to any specific faction or location

    World Events — Scripted events that occur throughout the world which are not documented in the Journal


    Everything within my power/exploration and so on...

    Stay tuned. By the Three!


    Edited by Vanya on March 26, 2018 11:56AM
  • Vanya
    By hist Flesh-Walker! I bid thee welcome!

    The Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited The Ultimate Walkthrough Chapter 33


    The culmination of the Stonefalls Story-content {Ebonheart Pact}

    Quests within Deshann ~

    Content covered:

    Opening the Portal: Gain access to Sadal's prison.
    Sadal's Final Defeat: Rebind Sadal and end the threat to Stonefalls.

    A Letter for Deshaan: Deliver a letter to a refugee's cousin in Deshaan.
    Bad Medicine: Discover the source of the Llodos Plague.
    Proprietary Formula: Collect samples of the Maulborn curative.
    Quest For the Cure: Create a real cure for the Llodos Plague.
    The Llodos Plague: Alert the Narsis guard to the Maulborn plot.
    For Their Own Protection: Investigate the disappearances in Narsis.
    Unwanted Guests: Help House Hlaalu prepare to seal the town.
    Fighting Back: Find the location of a secret meeting place.
    Ratting Them Out: Disrupt a meeting of agitated citizens.
    A Timely Matter: Get weapons for townsfolks.
    Hiding in Plain Sight: Help rescue the missing Narsis villagers.
    Tracking the Plague: Track the Llodos Plague across Redolent Loam.
    Death Trap: Find out what's happening in the Obsidian Gorge.
    Payback: Infect the Maulborn with their own plague.
    Plague Bringer: Locate and defeat the creator of the Llodos Plague.
    Message to Mournhold: Take a report of the events at Obsidian Gorge to the Ordinators of Mournhold.
    Required for Cadwell's Almanac A Favor Returned: Register your presence in the Ebonheart Pact's capital.

    The hist shall guide thee.

    The Encapsulation of Taazokaan Volume I ~

    Edited by Vanya on March 27, 2018 2:46PM
  • Vanya
    Of Eso Plus Subscription, Power Ranger outift and Apex Crate rewards!


    Drem Yol Lok! I've opened my first crate and ended indeed with an Apex reward! A Camel!

    ~ ESO Plus Subscription plan {1month}
    ~ Dyeing the armour!
    ~ Additional boxes uncovering!

    The Latest Story video. The Culmination of Ebonheart pact Story Content within Eastmarch!



    The Continuation! End of Worm cult, plots, secrets and so on!
    Edited by Vanya on April 1, 2018 7:56AM
  • Vanya

    ~ Off Gold Coast!
    ~ First venture within Western province of Cyrodil!

    The Dark Brotherhood introduction!

    Fascinated by the beauty and the Architecture! Beyond words!

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